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Photo Shoot Friday

July 11, 2014 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

This is the second of two photo shoots I did with my hairstylist and colorist from Toni & Guy in Tampa, FL.  I love how this whole photo shoot came out.  Everything just works!  The background, outfits and hair all go perfectly!  I have to admit when I heard the vision for this photo shoot […]


Simply Gaudy

July 10, 2014 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

I try to sometimes wear a simple outfit, but I of course had to add my own gaudiness to this!  I had to add a statement necklace, bold lip and sparkly shoe! Shirt: Jones of New York     Jeans: GAP    Sweater: Target    Shoes: Jubilee NY Sunglasses: Hot Topic    Necklace: Amazon


Haute Hippie

July 9, 2014 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

I always try to keep my style ever evolving and always different.  I never want to be one thing like just edgy or just preppy.  Granted bohemian or hippie is definitely not my style, but when I saw this awesome maxi dress at Urban Outfitters several years ago I had to have it. I liked […]


Shoulder Detail

July 8, 2014 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

So, my first day back at work from vacation I did not have that much sleep so I wanted to make a statement to distract people from how tired I was!  I actually wasn’t that tired considering, but I have been waiting to wear this outfit but wasn’t sure where to wear it to so […]


Sequin Secretary

July 7, 2014 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

I was inspired by Louise Roe’s instagram post!  I thought to myself…Hey, I have all those pieces at home!  So, I thought I would recreate this outfit for work! Shirt: Thrifted    Blazer: Thrifted    Skirt: New York & Co.    Pin: Thrifted Shoes: Marc Fischer    Bag: Thrifted     Sunglasses: Forever 21    


Happy Fourth of July

July 6, 2014 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

I wanted to recap my camo, military and American flag fashion on this amazing day! It’s funny how aviators go so well with military fashion!  I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth!


Coming to America

July 3, 2014 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

When I spotted this medium size jumpsuit at a thrift store I was going to buy it to sell on Etsy.  Then I decided to try it on for fun and it sort of fit!  I knew after I lost more weight it would totally it so I was patient!  Once I lost all the […]


Tribal Turban

July 2, 2014 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

While on vacation I didn’t get much sleep the first night of the trip so the next day I needed something quick and cute!  I love wearing a turban it’s fashion forward and super easy when you are feeling lazy and do not want to do your hair. This outfit is kind of plain for […]


Ladies Who Lunch

July 1, 2014 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

Last weekend I went to visit my nieces in Baton Rouge for their dance recital.  I wanted to dress up and wear something I would not normally wear to work or out with my friends.  I bought this dress a few years ago and wore it briefly in Las Vegas for a night out, and […]


I <3 Me A Canadian Tuxedo

June 27, 2014 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

I am obsessed with the Canadian Tuxedo if you haven’t already noticed!  Wearing denim on denim has been popular for many years and still people act like it’s a major faux pas.   As long as  you wear varying shades of blue you are all good! I wanted to add a pop of color with the […]