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July 29, 2014 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

When I first started thrifting I was completely obsessed with jackets like this.  If I saw one like it I had to buy it.  Then I almost got rid of all of them (not really sure why), but luckily I did not because I got so many compliments on this jacket from all my coworkers.  […]


Pop That Collar

July 28, 2014 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

I love when things that are unexpected look awesome together. When I bought this blazer I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but it was only $10 at Ross or Marshall’s or something like that so I figured I would get it and see what I could do with it.  […]


One Dapper Chick

July 27, 2014 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

So, there are very few things that I get nervous about wearing.  No, the bow tie was not the cause of my nervousness it’s the Pepto pink blazer.  Who would have thought?  I wear every crazy color blazer under the sun so who would have really thought that this pink would wig me out.  I […]


Child’s Play

July 23, 2014 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

I always have an issue trying to come up with a blog title for some outfits. I had a difficult time with this outfit then some how the 90210 episode where Donna Martin designed the collection and that child (not sure who the kid was now looking back) and he colors all over it and […]


I Wanna Be Sedated

July 22, 2014 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

I wore this outfit to the movies with my Dad over the weekend.  I find it super funny that I wore a Ramones t-shirt and my Miley Cyrus hair cut to Jersey Boys.  The movie was amazing!  I knew it’s Florida and it’s super HOT, but I knew we were going to the movies later […]


21 Jump Street

July 21, 2014 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

By now it’s no secret I am obsessed with a jumpsuit!  It’s such an easy and fabulous piece to through on and go! Where ever I am if I see a jumpsuit I typically have to buy it.     Jumpsuit: Thrifted    Belt: Bebe    Pumps: Bebe Aviators: Hot Topic


Faux-Hawk Friday

July 18, 2014 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

Sometimes I have a type of hairstyle in mind when I think of an outfit.  Now any normal person would get up early or try out the hairstyle ahead of time.  Nope, not me!  This usually leaves in cursing up a storm in the bathroom because now my hair is awful and I have to […]



July 17, 2014 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

This is the first of my two photo shoots with Toni & Guy stylists here in Tampa.  They are competing in a hair styling competition. The colorist Jenny was going for a 70’s vibe.  The first picture we were totally channeling American Hustle, the second look she wanted to be flower child and the third […]


Jet Setter

July 16, 2014 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

I feel like I should be in a Michael Kors ad with this look!  Granted the shoes and bag are Michael Kors. Shirt: Thrifted    Blazer: JCPenney    Pants: Ralph Lauren    Pumps: Michael Kors Bag: Michael Kors


Urban Safari

July 14, 2014 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

So, I am completely obsessed with the tv show the Carrie Diaries.  Unfortunately, the CW canceled the show.  Part of my obsession with the show was with the costume designer Eric Daman who also did costumes for Sex and the City.  He also did the costumes for Goosip Girl.  I fell in love with one […]