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Dooney Dupe

November 12, 2017 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

I really loved this dress when I bought it and I still do I felt the need to clarify that cause it sounds like now maybe I’ve changed my mind so I do still love it and it’s surprising because I hardly buy stuff from Old Navy and yet that’s where this dress came from. […]


Lemons in November

November 11, 2017 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

I guess like the saying goes when life gives you lemons make lemonade or in my case rock a lemon top in November! And of course I am cringing that I am even posting this. I pondered not posting it but what the hell it’s my blog and I’ll post summer looks if I want […]


How I Started Blogging

November 7, 2017 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

I rarely do this but I saw this top on a fellow blogger and actually bought it. Well that statement was true in this outfit but recently I bought a pair of boots I saw on a Vlogger I follow, too! I will show the boots I promise! I have been on a boot buying […]


It’s 90 Degrees Here

October 18, 2017 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

So I’ve been super MIA on the blog ya know LIFE happened! We had a hurricane here Irma so I evacuated, came back, cleaned up then it was straight to work and cleaning so blogging fell to the back burner. Then I got sick and the excuses keep on coming! But I’m working on some […]


Swipe Right

October 17, 2017 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

I know I have promised to do a post about dating in your thirties well here it is. Just a warning this is a long post but totally worth it! Dating in your thirties is a shit show! I’m not going to sugar coat it. You’ve got felons, drug addicts or clean eaters- worse kind […]


Sailor Made

October 16, 2017 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

I have always loved nautical anything and probably always will! I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because my Dad watched Gilligan’s Island reruns when I was a child or maybe it was my mom who had big anchor earrings in the 80’s and 90’s. But what ever the reason or inspiration it is clearly here […]


Embellished Behavior

October 15, 2017 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

When I saw this beautiful embellished, beaded, chambray shirt I knew the thrift gods were smiling down on me. This shirt is effing amazing! Figured I give you a close up!! Ok, can we talk about this bag. I had debated about putting it up on the shop but it’s just so cute I couldn’t […]


Maxi Revamped

September 5, 2017 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

I got inspiration for this look from a magazine I’m not sure which one that had a military jacket with a floral printed maxi dress so I thought what the hell I have these pieces lets try it! So I did. And I’m not exactly sure but I don’t love this look. But typically outfits […]


Feeling Fall

September 5, 2017 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

OMG folks it’s time to celebrate it’s almost FALL! I know I know. I live in Florida so technically Fall decides to show up about mid-December! But I don’t care! I strictly stick to the calendar on this one here people. Granted October it’s still like 85 degrees out but I will be rocking my […]


Vintage Vixen

September 4, 2017 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

It’s no secret I love fur! I have blogged previously about my turmoil over buying/wearing fur here in Fabulous Fur  if you want to know my thoughts on this matter. This fur pictured is one of my more recent purchases and I’m in love! I mean who doesn’t need a light fur shawl? Totally rhetorical […]