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Gangsters Paradise

December 12, 2017 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

There are very few outfits where I think to myself I am not this cool in real life. Like my outfit is clearly cooler than I am. And this outfit is a great case in point. I love these faux leather joggers but struggled with what to do with them. Aside from a tee and […]


Carmen Miranda

December 11, 2017 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

I know, I know a fruit top in December! How dare I call myself a Fashion Blogger!  Well folks I took a pretty lengthy hiatus so now I’m behind on posting and I love this fit so here it is! Carmen Miranda in the flesh! I think I really got into the whole “seasonal” dressing […]


Heffin’ My Way Through Life

December 5, 2017 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

Ok, I have to get something off my chest. I live in Clearwater, FL and I’m from a small town in Florida very red-neck. But I did live in London and New York for a while. So people when they asked if I’m from Florida or where I am from they are shocked because I […]


Isaac Freaking Mizrahi

December 4, 2017 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

So I love sharing funny reactions to my outfits especially from my super hip photographer. So I didn’t put this top on until I got to the shoot because it was hot as balls and it’s silk which means one drop of sweat and it shows like I’ve been outside for hours. Plus the salt […]


I Heart Two Piece Sets

December 2, 2017 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

I’d love y’alls thoughts here! I know you follow me for my fashion but just talking about what I have on is boring so my question to y’all is what do you want to know or want me to talk about? I typically do not buy things I cannot fit into at the moment. I’m […]


Dooney Dupe

November 12, 2017 By nikki@style-rehab Comments are off for this post.

I really loved this dress when I bought it and I still do I felt the need to clarify that cause it sounds like now maybe I’ve changed my mind so I do still love it and it’s surprising because I hardly buy stuff from Old Navy and yet that’s where this dress came from. […]


Lemons in November

November 11, 2017 By nikki@style-rehab Comments are off for this post.

I guess like the saying goes when life gives you lemons make lemonade or in my case rock a lemon top in November! And of course I am cringing that I am even posting this. I pondered not posting it but what the hell it’s my blog and I’ll post summer looks if I want […]


How I Started Blogging

November 7, 2017 By nikki@style-rehab Comments are off for this post.

I rarely do this but I saw this top on a fellow blogger and actually bought it. Well that statement was true in this outfit but recently I bought a pair of boots I saw on a Vlogger I follow, too! I will show the boots I promise! I have been on a boot buying […]


It’s 90 Degrees Here

October 18, 2017 By nikki@style-rehab Comments are off for this post.

So I’ve been super MIA on the blog ya know LIFE happened! We had a hurricane here Irma so I evacuated, came back, cleaned up then it was straight to work and cleaning so blogging fell to the back burner. Then I got sick and the excuses keep on coming! But I’m working on some […]


Swipe Right

October 17, 2017 By nikki@style-rehab Comments are off for this post.

I know I have promised to do a post about dating in your thirties well here it is. Just a warning this is a long post but totally worth it! Dating in your thirties is a shit show! I’m not going to sugar coat it. You’ve got felons, drug addicts or clean eaters- worse kind […]