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5 Outerwear Pieces You Need This Fall

September 4, 2017 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

5 Outerwear Pieces You Need This Fall I’m not claiming to be a fashion expert at all but I do say that I have a knack for fashion and a keen point-of-view so why shouldn’t you listen to what I have to say, right? Especially, when we are talking about my favorite topic – Jackets! […]


Action Sequence

February 19, 2015 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

So I was hoping this would be sort of a play on words I’m in track pants with a sequin top. Maybe it failed!  Oh well moving on.  I like the athletic pants with the dressy top it feels funky yet easy.  And it was really comfortable at work! I love pairing black and white […]


Army Glam Rock

December 13, 2013 By nikki@style-rehab no comments

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with Army, military and everything!  The Army, military and camo trend comes in and out the past few years, but I always love this trend whether it’s in style or not!  I prefer for it not to be in style because when it is thrift stores hike up […]