5 Reasons Why You Should Attend This Year’s Suncoast Hospice Fashion Show

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend This Year’s Suncoast Hospice Fashion Show

In case you are trying to decide whether or not you should attend this year’s Suncoast Hospice, Fashion Show, I’m giving you five reasons why you should get your ticket today!! These are in no particular order so here we go!

  1. It’s a FUN afternoon! Grab your mom, sister, or some girlfriends this event has it all. First, you can arrive early and shop the boutique with hundreds of treasures to be purchased. Then you are treated to lunch and a fabulous fashion show. You can even shop after the fashion show if you do not want to arrive early. However, I strongly suggest getting there early to get the best items.
  2. The unique finds in the boutique. What is this boutique I speak of? Well, Suncoast Hospice Resale Shops have been collecting the most unique and fabulous pieces that have been donated at all three of their locations all year long in preparation for this event. Providing you with an exclusive shopping experience. These are pieces that no one has seen. Last year, for example, I purchased a really cool tiger, panther I’m not sure but a really cool bracelet. I also purchased a vintage acrylic little handbag so unique I have never seen anything like it in my thrift travels.
  3. In addition to finding unique pieces in the boutique, you will also find Designer items. Last year I found a Moschino handbag! I was over the moon! It was only $30. This is one of my favorite thrift finds of all time!! I was trying to find out more on the bag all I can find is it was made before the year 2000 and there’s one currently on Etsy for $317.00.
  4. Sustainability. This word gets tossed around a lot lately. I probably could be doing more to help the environment but one big thing we can do to help is to buy second hand. The fashion industry is the number 2 polluter in the world behind the oil industry. Furthermore according to businessinsider.com “85% of all textiles go to the dump each year.” So the industry pollutes to make it then you pollute by throwing it away. This is a vicious cycle. By donating your clothing to local thrift stores instead of dumping them in the trash you are helping reduce waste. And if you buy second hand vs. buying fast fashion you are not contributing to the pollution caused by creating these garments.  Here’s a blog post on wrote on sustainability.
  5. A good cause. Whether you choose to shop or not is up to you, but just your ticket purchase alone goes to a wonderful organization that does so much here locally. From Hospice Care, All-Inclusive Senior care, to Home Health and HIV Support Services. All ticket sales and boutique purchases go to the Suncoast Hospice Foundation to continue to provide these life-changing services.

So if you were on the fence about attending I’m sure my five reasons why you should attend have convinced you to grab your ticket. Tickets will sell out so do not delay! I hope to see you there! I’d love to see what times you picked up.

– Nikki 

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