Thrifted Fall Fashion Workshop

Thrifted Fall Fashion Workshop

In case you missed my recent Fall Fashion Workshop I have recapped my talking points and key trends for the season. I don’t like to just jump right in to a workshop I start off with some general questions to get a feel for the crowd.

Reasons Why I Thrift

Starting out with the reasons I love to thrift? I think I have out these in ranking order as well! Reason number one is that I hate wearing the same thing that everyone else has on, and I hate when people can identify what I’m wearing like oh that’s from Zara, right? I hate that!  Thrift stores do offer current, name brand items but I go for the unique and slightly off pieces. I love the unique pieces that you can only find at thrift stores that no one else will have.

The cost savings is my number two reason for thrifting. You can save so much money. Even if you buy name brand items you are still spending way less money than you would in a regular store. Recently I just styled four models for a tv segment titled Thrift Store Misconceptions and each one of the models outfits were under $40. $40?! You can’t even buy an outfit from Marshall’s or TJMaxx for under $40. Recently, I have purchased two genuine leather skirts both under $20. That’s a bargain! Read my article about Thrift Store Misconceptions I think this will change any thrift store doubter’s mind. Ok, let’s get back on track. I firmly believe you don’t need to spend a lot of money to look amazing. I will prove that here when we dive into the trends.

Last but not least is the environmental benefits of thrifting. Manufacturing clothing especially fast fashion creates so much waste and pollution on the environment and two if you toss out items you no longer want they go into the landfills. If you donate your unwanted clothing to thrift stores they will stay out of the landfills!

Those are the main reasons I love to thrift! So let’s dive into the trends shall we!! The trends this Fall 2018 season are amazing! I’m probably slightly biased because they are all trends I love.

Fall Fashion Trends

As I previously stated I love the trends this fall. And the common thread throughout the fall runways was they just kept piling on the trends all mixed up all together. I called it everything and the kitchen sink so that’s what I did when styling the looks. There are several trends for fall 2018, but these are the trends that I wanted to highlight because while they are on trend right now they are pieces that can help build a sustainable wardrobe. These are not pieces that are here today and gone tomorrow and that’s my goal. I want you to be able to build a wardrobe and personal style that works for you.

Very Berry

Red and fuchsia were huge trends on the runway and have been for a few seasons now. I really don’t love the idea wearing Santa red this time of year because it does scream Santa. And while my enthusiasm for Christmas rivals Will Ferrell in the movie Elf I do not want to look like the Christmas enthusiast that I am. I want to look chic and holiday fabulous!!! Not like part of the decor.  I love what Neiman Marcus has been doing with their displays lately mixing the berry colors together. Yes, it’s not rocket science but it’s genius!  It’s a chic way to wear red and the jewel tone colors I love and these colors look amazing on pretty much all skin tones.

This faux wrap dress so flattering; it hides the areas we don’t love like our tummies and mid section. I threw on the plum blazer to show ways to layer without adding bulk, and added the purple tonal scarf. Scarves are huge this fall and worn is so many different ways. Like here for example is two scarves worn two different ways. One belted over her blazer and the other is a thinner scarf wrapped around her head like a turban or headband. It’s hard to tell but I mixed metals here and that is totally acceptable now! Her belt is gold and her necklace metal is rose gold. Mixing medals ok as long as you stick to the same genre or theme of the outfit.

’80s Excess

The ’80s were all over the runways and in so many ways! From strong shoulders with shoulder pads, to bold color-blocking, to poofy party dresses. Designers from Marc Jacobs to Miu Miu showed perfectly styled models adorned in these trends from head-to-toe.

This outfit lead me to a question for the crowd. Who’s intimidated by print mixing?

As shown here the small geometric print in the blouse is a smaller scale print and the larger geometric print of the jacket share the same colors. Mixing a small scale and large scale print together is a great way to ease into print mixing and two is picking a print that is already in the other print. Like here the plums in the blouse are represented in the blazer.

Velvet was another huge trend this season and it was in every shade and silhouette. Needless to say I jumped at this black velvet pencil skirt! It’s the perfect length and cut paired with this vintage black patent leather clutch just completes this ’80s inspired ensemble.

Primary Colors

I was completely obsessed with the Michael Kors Collection. It was full of primary colors, leopard and plaid all of these are totally up my alley! I will get to the leopard and plaid later but let’s talk color! People tend to shy away from color in the fall and winter but the runways did not! The runways were delivering the knock out punch on color.

This red tweed vintage Liz Claiborne blazer is the perfect transition piece and blazers have been a huge trend and show no sign of slowing down. You can pair this blazer with jeans and a tee shirt now and once the temps drop you can add layers under it. I loved these blue houndstooth pants it’s such a fun twist on the mens wear trend that is also huge on the fall runways.


Plaid was ALL over the runways and in a plethora of ways. Mixing different plaids together and mixed with leopard and stripes. This season was a print mixer’s dream!

Animal print is probably the BIGGEST trend this season. I’m not just talking about leopard it’s all the animal prints to be exact and all mixed together. Which I never thought of mixing animal prints but now I am loving it! Seen here done in a more subtle way the leopard top with snake print belt!

I called this look my updated Clueless and it’s totally true and so on trend. This is print mixing to the max and back! So let’s break it all down. It all started with this amazing red plaid button-up sweater, then naturally leopard print pairs fabulously well with red plaid and ladies leopard is a neutral so imagine this top is a neutral. This top pulls in the tweed skirt, because yes theoretically this sweater and skirt do not match but the leopard blouse ties it all together. Tights were another huge trend – whether you rock bright colors or patterns embrace this trend! Lastly, this bag it’s actually a cosmetic bag but I LOVE it as a handbag. Just because a bag is one thing doesn’t mean you have to use it in that way. I have this bag it’s actually an overnight bag so it’s a larger size, but I use it as a purse. Then another time I was in a store and I stumbled upon this bag it was a straw cosmetic bag and I used it as a clutch in the summer. Think differently about items and use them in different ways.


Menswear was another big trend this season and I love this trend. This is a trend that comes in and out of popularity but is always a great thing! This grey herringbone skirt is a subtle print so print mixers this is an easy way to do it. Paired with this gorgeous brown satin tie blouse and this multi-colored tweed jacket. The mix of textures here looks so expensive and chic. I call this combination of a blazer and skirt the modern day suit. The green leopard scarf thrown over one shoulder is another way to wear a scarf with a brooch to keep it in place and add a little pizzazz. Loafers were another big trend in footwear and I love a great chunky heeled loafer with this look.


I know boho has been around forever and this really isn’t hippie I like to think of this look as an elevated folksy look. The real emphasis on this trend is the mix of fabrications like suede, leather, prints, paisley, fringe, floral, tapestry, etc.

The tapestry jacket is amazing with this look and pulls all the colors and textures together, but you could also wear this jacket with jeans and a tank. I love a chunky clog or a flat mule with this look it helps balance it out. Wearing a pump or skinny heel isn’t the right look. You want something more earthy and chunky.

Dress Your Guy

These trends can all be translated similarly for the gentlemen. It’s the same principles. I chose light layers as it transitions to fall. LIght layers also helps keep you warm without all the bulk. The blazer adds a more pulled together element while the sneaker keeps is modern and fresh.

I mixed prints here with the subtle plaid in this blazer and a black and purple paisley printed button down underneath.

Hope you enjoyed these trends leave your thoughts below! What fall trends are you excited about trying?

Thanks for reading!

Photo: Christina Jones Photography

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