Thrift Store Misconceptions

Thrift Store Misconceptions

Pinch me because I think I am dreaming by saying this but I recently filmed a tv segment debunking Thrift Store Misconceptions.  I styled four models head-to-toe with pieces from local thrift stores. I wasn’t focused on price so much but I knew shopping on the stores big sale days was going to be a big factor and help lower the cost of the overall look. Each look head-to-toe is under $40. $40!? That’s right! You can’t even get an outfit from a discount retailer for $40.

The first misconception I wanted to tackle is that You can’t find good quality items at thrift stores? 

Wrong! As seen here on Edwich she is wearing a beautiful vintage coat with real fur collar, a RALPH by Ralph Lauren 3/4 tee with the cutest brown elbow patches and a cream tweed skirt with tulle hem. The vintage handbag and Nine West leopard pumps and pearl earrings. the mixture of textures in this monochromatic palette is so chic.

The next misconception is You can’t find any name brands at thrift stores?

Wrong again! Here on the gorgeous JoJo in this teal Ann Taylor dress and Old Navy chambray shirt. This is one of my favorite style hacks to wear a button down shirt under a sleeveless top or dress. These light layers help keep you warm without the bulk. Cinched in her tiny waist with a tonal snake print belt and added a pop of color with this adorable bag. The snake print sandals pull the whole look together.

The next thrift store misconception is that You can only find size smalls and size 2 clothing? 

You guessed it, you would be wrong again! Thrift stores now accommodate all sizes!  Granted some of the smaller thrift stores might be limited on the larger sizes and plus size clothing but the larger stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army have a plethora of items in larger sizes. Here on Latonia she is wearing an Ann Taylor blouse that had the original tags still attached which is another misconception that everything in thrift stores is worn out and ragged. The paisley pants and snake print pumps complete this covered sexy going out look!

The last misconception is that You can’t find good men’s wear at thrift stores?

And that would be the fourth wrong answer! Shown here on Jake starting with the plaid blazer again a great piece for transitioning to fall without the bulk, then the tribal denim shirt with the worn in Cubs tee shirt underneath. I love these khaki colored Lee jeans it’s a great detour from the basic blue jean. Then can we talk about these shoes! I mean where do I start! First of all they are in practically perfect condition! They are Aldo brand which is my shoe company and they are real suede.

Some additional thrift misconceptions are that thrift stores are not organized and are dirty! WRONG! Thrift stores have their merchandise organized by category type and sized within each category. Some even go the extra mile and colorize them within the category and size. Thrift stores generally are clean. The rotation of merchandise is so frequent it does not sit very long.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed these misconceptions! I’d love to hear about your latest thrift store scores! Check out my thrifting tips in How to Thrift Like a Pro.

Yes my dress is thrifted!!!

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