Style Series: Work Wear – Fall/Winter

Style Series: Work Wear – Fall/Winter

Hi Gang! This is part five of my Style Series titled Work Wear. This week I will be discussing work wear looks for Fall. I know in the fall when the temps dip we start to think more about warmth than style but I’m here to say you can be stylish even when the temperature drops. Also, there’s a misconception that in the Fall/Winter means you can no longer wear color, and that is completely untrue! I think it’s actually the opposite! I think use fun colors to brighten your spirits when it is colder! There’s nothing better than a colorful statement coat to keep you warm especially in the sea of black coats you will most likely be surrounded by. Why blend in when you can stand out!?

Fall Work Wear

I choose this outfit as a basis of my Fall work look because it has everything color, print and an unknowingly thrifted Gucci scarf. I’ll get into that last bit a little later.

The dark leopard pant is a great base to start building an outfit. I prefer a cropped pant because it shows off your shoes!! Now you might be thinking ok what happens when it gets really cold well then just throw on some boots underneath. You’ll be warm and you can show off your boot.  When the temperatures start to dip I like to dress in layers so if it warms up throughout the day you can remove some of them and not sweat to death because you’re wearing one heavy piece. I layered this orange sweater under my turquoise blazer. You can add a tee or tank under the sweater for an additional layer thankfully I don’t need that here in Florida. I love the color combo of the orange and the turquoise it’s wonderfully unexpected. Then I wanted to add a little something something and instead of adding jewelry I reached for one of my favorite scarves.

Thirfted Designer Scarf

Now this scarf I thrifted a few years ago and I knew it had horses and straps, etc. but I one day realized I don’t think I ever like really looked at what was on it. So this one day I opened it up and was looking at everything going on then I noticed in one of the awards oh yeah it’s like the full Kentucky Derby on this bad boy horses, jockeys, ribbons,  you name it and that’s why I liked it. So I see on one of the awards at the bottom it has 2 G’s inside it and says Gucci. I didn’t not buy this scarf because it said Gucci, because frankly half the time I see “designer” items in thrift stores I do not believe it is real. I was stunned. Thrilled naturally and skeptical but stunned. I was also kind of embarrassed that I have had this scarf for a few years and never even noticed. Like any good blogger I took to the streets and asked my people on Instagram is it real or fake? Surprisingly everyone said it looked real. It is silk there is no tag of any sort but it feels like silk. I was looking for a tag to see where it was made. Usually the “designer” items I find in thrift stores say Made in China that’s a very simple way to check authenticity because if it’s made in China it’s not real!

So I have my amazing silk printed scarf and you can add a heavier scarf ugh please don’t say a blanket scarf I hate those things so overplayed but yes something like that to keep your neck warmer. I figured I’d bring out the fuchsia in the scarf with my fuchsia pumps. Since I have so many colors going on I kept the earrings simple just some gold ones thrifted of course. I had to bring some of that fuchsia up top so I did a pop with the lip color!

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Let me know what you think of this series and if there’s anything you want me to talk about drop it in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Shopping Info:

Jacket: Thrifted, similar    Sweater: GAP, similar    Pants: Old Navy, similar    Bag: TJMaxx, similar

Scarf: Thrifted, similar       Pumps: Aldo, similar      Earrings: Thrifted, similar

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