My trip to Junkee

My trip to Junkee

We went out west for our Honeymoon and I knew we had an extremely long time to kill before our red-eye flight so I was freakishly googling stuff to do in Reno, NV. When googling “thrift stores in Reno” several options came up. I knew I was going to try and hit some Goodwill’s in Lake Tahoe so I knew in Reno I didn’t want to hit a chain thrift store if I could help it. So when I stumbled upon Junkee Clothing Exchange and Antiques I was intrigued. I read some of the reviews and it looked interesting so I knew this place had to be a stop on my list.

Keep in mind my husband is not a shopper, but we did not have any where else to go so I tried to come up with different things to do to keep us busy and having fun before we left. We got to Junkee a little later than I had planned and we still had a ton of time left check out that post.

We arrive at Junkee and I was instantly obsessed just with the parking lot.

I mean shut up that is just the parking lot! So I go inside and my husband comes with me. I tell him ok, I’m going to be in here way longer than I was in Goodwill. And he was like what? I was like I was quick at the two Goodwill’s but this will be a much longer. My husband was like you were quick at Goodwill? Lol I said yes I just quickly looked but here I’m looking at everything. So my husband had a seat and played on his phone.

I started on the clothing side and looked at every rack. Typically when I’m thrifting I do not look at every rack and every piece but this place was different. I knew I would not be able to come back so I did not want to miss anything. So I dove in the racks and made my way through one by one. The sales people were so insanely nice! They started a fitting room for me quickly as I shopped. The clothing is such a unique mix of vintage and costumes and then just some truly cool things.

I was mesmerized by all of the displays and merchandising in this store.

Once I finished on the clothing side and my husband tells me there’s a whole antique side on the other side of the building. WHAT??? I had no idea. So my husband goes to sit in the car and I go look at the antiques.

Holy cow the antique is huge and it’s like a typical antique store meaning that everything is layered on top of each other and there are cabinets full of fun little trinkets. These tiny items took longer to look at and I tried to take my time but I also kept thinking of my poor husband sitting in the car. I found some great pieces on the antique side from jewelry to hats and bags. You can view my full haul here Junkee Haul.

I tried to look at every piece but I knew some of the larger items like home decor I could not get home because our luggage was already packed so I tried to only look at smaller items so I was able to skip over those pieces.

I get all my selections and head to the register!! Then I go back to the clothing side and try on my items. Most of them worked out and again the sales team was so friendly and helpful! We chatted about me being from Florida and buying faux fur!

Before I left the store I went to the restroom and OMG the even the bathroom is cute.

This store is truly a must see! This place is a thrifters Disney Land! I am already planning my next trip to Junkee and hope to make it a yearly event. And here’s another weird fact I did not even think to see if Junkee had an Instagram page until I was in the store. Not sure what the hell I was thinking! You really need to follow Junkee on Instagram!!

I have bought so much stuff I decide we need to either buy a suitcase or ship this stuff home because there is no way it’s all fitting in our bags now. I showed my husband all my stuff and he said I could have stayed longer! Geez! Can I go back in?? LOL.

Check out my first YouTube video which is a Junkee Haul.

Thanks for reading! What is your favorite thrift store to hit? What is a must see on your list?

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