Meeting Tim Gunn

Meeting Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn is the Chief Creative Officer for Liz Claiborne, and under the Liz Claiborne umbrella is or was the brands Juicy Couture, Lucky Brand, Kate Spade, etc. So the fancy mall in my town had all three of those stores and it was doing a fall fashion show promoting those brands. If you spent over $100 or $150 I’m not certain of the amount anymore, but you could meet him.

Well down here in little old Florida we don’t get many opportunities like this. I mean I don’t live in Miami so the rest of the state doesn’t matter apparently. Just kidding. We’ve had a few fab celebs drop by read about when I met Clinton Kelly.

So Juicy isn’t really my bag but I did love the way they merchandised and decorated their stores. They had deer heads and it was pink I was all over it!! But I was not a fan of their track suits. It just wasn’t my look – no judgements. Lucky Brand I heard they have great denim, but I decided to drop my dollars at Kate Spade. In case you’re interested I bought a bracelet, earrings and a set of dessert plates.

The day of the show I went with a friend and we were standing towards the back. Then someone came up to us and offered us front row seats!! Umm ok thank you because I was in heels  (I had to look amazing to meet Tim Gunn) so I will take a seat anytime! The show was great and Tim Gunn was there talking about the trends with the MC of the show. Before the show ended I wanted to get in line to meet him so I wasn’t in line for forever. I wasn’t the only one that had that idea, either. I waited for maybe an hour, but it was nice they had Benefit cosmetics do a little make-up touch ups which was cool.

In line I was sandwiched between some fashion design students or something. Again no judgements but I had no one to roll my eyes at about this. So I listened to this kids ramble on about god knows what.

As the line moved closer to him I could see him chatting up all these peeps. Mother and daughter teams, clusters of ladies, etc. I got so excited just thinking about what would I talk about with Tim Gunn when it’s my turn. I couldn’t think of any topics to talk to him about so I was secretly hoping he would be ready to chat it up!

It’s finally my turn. I walk up, say hi, we take the pic, and I’m done.  Yep, that was it. My big moment to bond with the Gunn was over. But I have this picture to cherish this moment forever. This was the time before smart phones so I had an actual camera and had to print out this pic. But now I can say and prove that I met Tim Gunn.

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Thanks for reading!! What celebs have you met??


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