It’s Bananas…It’s FALL

It’s Bananas…It’s FALL

Y’all seriously it’s bananas that it is FALL and it’s still 88 degrees here in Florida. I know the weather being warm is part of the deal with living here but damn I really want to just get my layers on. If you follow my blog you know I LOVE FALL! I LOVE to layer! So where is the fall weather? My birthday is this week and we normally have a cold snap for at least a week by now.

Most people love fall because they want all the PSL’s they can get. I’m not much of a pumpkin fan, so my love of fall is strictly for the fashion and well the season itself. I love this time of year. Starting with my bday then Thanksgiving then Christmas! It’s just such a fabulous time of year. Christmas is ultimately my favorite holiday/time of year! I love the family, the decorating the food and friends I just love it all!  It seems like everyone is different this time of year, is it just me??

Check out some of my favorite fall posts here in Feeling Fall and Funky Fall Back and here are 5 Outer wear Pieces I recommended for last year that are still relevant this year and in case you missed my Fall Fashion Workshop post check it out.

Sunglasses: Hot Topic, similar     Top: Forever 21      Skirt: Forever 21    Bag: Target, similar     Shoes: HSN Outlet, similar 

Earrings: H&M, similar

Photo: Christina Jones Photography

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