I got married in November of last year and we decided to post pone our wedding a few months I’ll probably get into that later so we just got back from our Honeymoon. I wanted to do something different we have taken two cruises one to the Bahamas and our last one was to Aruba and Grand Turk and Grand Turk is probably the closest thing to heaven! It was beautiful! We already decided we wanted to go back and just stay at a resort there for a week next time. So anyways back to the story we wanted to do something different like mountains. Both of us being from Florida we already did the Smokey Mountains so we decided Lake Tahoe. Originally we were going to go in the Winter and go skiing but I vetoed that because my husband has no winter clothes and I didn’t know how well he’d like the cold. I chose right!

So I figured we would walk around, go rafting, rent scooters, etc. That’s not exactly what happened!

I should have realized this might not have been the best vacation for us we are not very outdoorsy type people.

(Who doesn’t love photos out of the rental car window)

Ok, we arrive and we roll up to our hotel that I booked through the AAA in Lake Tahoe and it was a shit hole! Sorry to be so blunt but it was awful and we were paying quiet a bit for it. So we decide no way in hell we are staying here. I start looking at other hotels around and found several places that were about the same price so I call the hotel and cancel our reservation and we head over to the Mont Bleu! They were so friendly and helpful! This hotel is beautiful and was a fabulous stay.

We were starving and ate at the restaurant on hand and it was great!

The next day we were headed out to go white water rafting. I have no idea where it was about an hour and half drive from where we were. Our trip started with lunch then we got on our raft. Well we meet the other rafters and it’s a mother with her two children and her mother who was wearing leg braces. The rafting guide asked who would be up front? Up front was most important. No one raised their hand so I looked at my husband and we volunteered. So behind me was the grandmother and behind my husband was this woman’s very small son he might have been 10 or 12 years old. Right out of the gate the grandmother hits me in the head with her paddle and my poor husband told me after that the son and him kept hitting paddles in the water. It was sad the guide wouldn’t let us do fun things in the raft because of us in the boat. I don’t think that was about us but who knows.

After rafting we head back to the hotel and gran some BBQ. I forget the name but it’s right there in South Lake Tahoe. Then I stumbled upon this place called the Baked Bear where you can create your own ice cream sandwich with either a cookie or brownie and you can pick a different top and bottom layer then you pick your ice cream and you can even add a candy layer on the outside. This place was amazing and I made two stops there before we left!

The next day we rented RZR thingies and holy cow. I drove one of these in Grand Turk but this climate out west was different it was so dusty. We had a great time but I think inhaling all that dust for hours made us both sick. But we had an amazing time! We did this in Carson City so we wanted to par take in a staple of the West and that is In and Out Burger. We got there at 2:30pm and the place was packed! The food was made fast and it was ok but as a Floridian we have better burgers at Five Guys and Culver’s we were not super impressed with In and Out Burger other than it was fast and cheap.

In and Out Burger

Winding down our vacation we toured some of the other hotels like the Hard Rock and I played 21 and did a rather decent job I outlasted my husband by an hour!

So we had a red eye flight and we had to check out of our hotel at 11 am so we had 14 hours to kill! We hung out at the Hard Rock then ate at Del Taco -which is basically Taco Bell then headed to Junkee Clothing Exchange and Antiques read my full blog post on that here and then we still had so much time to kill we went to the mall to buy a suitcase to get all my Junkee finds home because I did not want to wait for them to be shipped! I know I’m three apparently! I want to play with my toys. After the mall we were fading fast we hit up Starbucks because we both were feeling sick and got hot tea. We returned the car and grumpily sat at our gate and waited for our flight.

We were mess! We looked rough! We finally board our plane and I am asleep before the plane even takes off. My husband says what are you a vampire you slept sitting up! I explained that I have traveled so much in my career that I can sleep on planes pretty easily! I just popped in my ear buds and that was it.

We land at 10 am the next morning and I had to do all the fun wife stuff like laundry and unpack and grocery shop for the work week.

So that is our trip out west! I learned my husband does not like long plane trips.

Who’s ready for more car pics of mountains??

Dinner look one night!

Lake Tahoe

My love of the King continues!


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