Are You a Shoes or Handbag Girl?

Are You a Shoes or Handbag Girl?

They say most women are either a shoe or bag person. So which one are you? I am a shoe gal all the way!  I don’t believe in spending a lot of money on looking good because I think fabulous style comes at any price. However, I think cheap shoes and bags just look well for lack of a better word cheap! I’m not saying you have to drop hundreds on some Manolos or be all decked out in red bottoms every day. But good quality shoes and bags are essential especially if you’re a professional woman. If you’re young say under 25 you can afford to carry less expensive pieces, but as you build your professional wardrobe you really should invest in better quality pieces. Again, something that is a better quality does not always mean expensive. And now days with all the sales that stores offer you can score some amazing pieces for practically nothing.

I know this is controversial but I try to only buy leather bags and shoes. I have seen some amazing vegan options, too so there is definitely something for everyone.

So, that brings me back to my question are you a shoes or bag, girl?? Again I think I’m a shoe gal and I think that’s because my shoes generally cost less than my handbags so I tend to overthink my choice of bag. Right now I am in search of a leopard bag. I think I may have found one check it out here and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading!!

Shopping Info:

Kimono: New York and Co, similar    Jumpsuit: New York and Co    Pumps: Aldo     Clutch: Chico’s, similar 

Earrings: Charming Charlie, similar    Sunglasses: Vans, similar

Photo: Christina Jones Photography

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