That Time I Met Lloyd Boston

That Time I Met Lloyd Boston

It was a little more than a year since I had returned to Florida after living in new York. Yes, Manhattan if I can name drop!! Upper East Side if you want to get specific. Ok, so back to Lloyd Boston. I used to watch him when I lived in New York during Fashion Week he had a show called Full Frontal Fashion and it recapped some of the shows. I loved this show and looked forward to it airing. One of the few things I miss about New York.

I saw in a magazine that Lloyd (like we are friends) was coming to do a Fashion Show and give fashion advice in my area. The article said to call to schedule your time to get one-on-one fashion advice. I repeatedly and profusely called the number and no one ever called me back. Weeks later I finally got a hold of someone and naturally the spots were taken. So I explained listed I don’t want advice (because I’m so freaking stylish already) I just want a picture and I’ll be out. She was very nice and said she would try to accommodate me just hang out after the show.

Show day arrives it wasn’t so much of a fashion show than a presentation. It was smaller and more intimate. So the crowd was smaller and there was an ELLE magazine on every chair because they hosted the event. He talked about Spring trends I think this was years ago so I don’t recall exactly. His outfit was great of course. And after the presentation I go to the lady who looks like she’s in charge tell her who I am and she tells me to hang around for an hour. I do in my heels I’m crying on the inside. Finally the lady flags me over I say hello to Lloyd and get my photo. He genuinely looked taken aback when I told him I used to watch him on full frontal fashion.

Then later he had a style makeover show on Style channel and I forget the name of it and naturally I watched that show, too! Random note I would love to be a host or on a makeover show!!

Flash to this year I of course follow Lloyd on Instagram and saw he was on a podcast called Bosses Start Somewhere. This podcast featured him and he told his whole fashion story, which I loved and had no idea how he really got started so it was cool to listen to. I highly recommend it.

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