New Life to ’80s Trends

New Life to ’80s Trends

You guys if you follow me you know I live for the ‘80s fashion!! I love the shoulder pads, the glitz and glamour. Hopefully you think I do it in an updated way! I think I do!! Well somewhat. So this fit is tackling two and I will discuss some others in this post.  Let’s talk about these Dwayne Wayne sunglasses/visor. When I saw these visor sunglasses I knew I had to have them! I mean come on, not buying them wasn’t even an option. And they just make this outfit super extra which is right up my alley. Then of course I can’t forget to mention this rose gold fanny pack or belt bag because it really is a little bag attached to a belt! But I do have one real fanny pack that I cannot wait to rock! I think I have 4 belt bags/fanny pack situations. You guys fanny packs are so amazing! It’s hands free shopping! I know you’re probably going to say so are cross body bags but they aren’t the same. Cross body bags get heavy and hurt my shoulder so I love a fanny pack. I know they don’t hold as much but that’s ok. What more do you need besides your phone, keys, lipstick, and cash and cards.

This whole look started with the skirt! I thrifted this skirt because I love nautical-ish print and because it looks like Versace which I LOVE!!! I do have to admit that finding a top for this look was a challenge. I didn’t really know what I wanted. I searched several different websites and still wasn’t loving anything. I thought I wanted a gingham top and I’m so glad I did not go that route. Then I saw this off the shoulder top at the mall and that was it! I like how if really doesn’t even technically match at all. Then I paired my metallic green sandals with it pull in the green from the top and the rose gold fanny pack. Kept the earrings white because there was enough colors going on but I did wear this outfit to the Brocante Market preview party and wore crazy colorful earrings and frankly I liked the white ones better.

Ok, so we talked about the visor sunglasses, fanny packs and the last thing I’m interested in is bike shorts! I liked the idea of this with a shirt I recently purchased. It’s long but not quite a dress because frankly I’m no spring chicken and I’m not a size 2. So bike shorts I thought would be a funky addition. But lately several bloggers that I love were talking about wearing bike shorts to NYFW. Not that I needed there approval but it just lite a fire under me to get out and do it first before everyone else does!! Like now fanny packs are kind of hitting the scene I want to back off of them because I hate when things are super popular but I’m going to stick with them but style them in different ways.  See how I styled this same rose gold fanny pack for winter last year here in Fur, Fair Isle, Fanny Packs and Florals.

Ok, let’s get back to styling bike shorts. I’m thinking now while it’s hot to wear it with a blazer and maybe a cami. I’m styling them how I would a pair of leather leggings. With that longer blouse I was telling you about and maybe a fanny pack, but sure how it will look yet. maybe my gold vintage one with gold accessories.  Then my hairstylist mentions she wears them with dresses which I think is cute instead of wearing leggings.

So how about you you down for some ‘80s goodness? Which one if any would you try?

Thanks for reading love to hear your thoughts below.

Shopping Info: Top similar, Skirt thrifted but similar, Shoes similar, Fanny Pack Stein Mart similar, Sunglasses American Eagle similar.

Photo Credit: Feacher Fotos

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