Getting More Out of Your Wardrobe

Getting More Out of Your Wardrobe

I’m really trying to focus on getting more out of my wardrobe instead of acquiring more and more stuff. I’m not doing such a great job with that so far, but I’m a work in progress. Like these pants for instance I had this outfit in my head for months. I found these pants and bought them. I had already shot this look when I found some better red pants. And of course it was too late to send back the pants. And another thing I hate I typically wear an outfit to work to test drive it and see if I would restyle it before shooting it well this time I wanted to shoot the outfits first then wear them to work. I think because I shot some white shirts so if I got make up on them I wouldn’t care if I had make up on my shirt at work vs. during my shoot.

Now that I own these pants I’m trying to think of other ways to style these pants. A co-worker wore red pants with leopard pumps and I am loving that situation so that will be coming up for sure just need a top…that’s a thinker! If you have any ideas guys throw them out I am all ears!

But it’s really important to think before you buy something you need to think of three ways you will restyle that item before you purchase that item.  I know I need to take my own advice and I am working on it. Things like tee shirts are easy to restyle because you can wear them with skirts, jeans, shorts,  you name it. Something like these high waisted paper bag red pants are going to be a little trickier. But honestly I’m thinking a black blouse and leopard pumps that makes two. Now I just need a third way! Again, I’m all ears!!!  Let me hear your thoughts!

I wore this jacket previously as seen here in two Labor Day outfits. Labor Day 1 and Labor Day 2.

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Shopping Deets: Jacket Thrifted similar, Tank Plus only, Pants similar, Earrings similar, Shoes similar, Bag similar

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