Tuxedo Madness

Tuxedo Madness

Over the holidays JCPenney had the Tracee Ellis Ross collection and I was dying to check it out. The pictures in the advertisements looks amazing and of course bloggers were already posting their ‘fits. I popped in and instantly was obsessed. I bought the gold sequin dress seen here and these black tuxedo pants. I love a tuxedo pant and I buy them every chance I see them. I don’t care what form they come in or color I’m all in! So these high-waisted wide leg pants were no exception. I love the wide leg and the material just floats! I knew when styling these pants I wanted to embrace the tuxedo feel. I grabbed this dress black tank to make it look like a jumpsuit then grabbed my favorite tuxedo blazer to pull it all together! And naturally a little sparkle on the ears and feet never hurt!

When there’s a dressy event or special occasion I prefer to dress unexpectedly. Like most people would gravitate towards a black dress. So naturally I want color and the opposite of a dress so pants! This tuxedo look is perfect for dressy occasions and it’s so effortless and comfortable! No spanx or sucking in required! Those a huge pluses in my book. For instance my husband’s friend is getting married at the end of the year and I think I’m going to wear this mustard yellow velvet jumpsuit! It’s everything I was preaching! Pants – check, color- check, unexpected – check!

5 things you didn’t know about me

I love Elvis

So funny story when we were shooting this look in downtown St. Petersburg we were exploring where to shoot and I saw this Elvis mural and I was like OMG I need a pic! The photographer is a friend of mine who did not know I was obsessed with Elvis Presley! So one thing you might not know about me is I love Elvis! I’ve been to Graceland! Actually my dad took me to Graceland the summer when I was either 18 or 19. We toured the house and the whole deal! It was funny hearing people tell me oh you poor thing your dad dragged you here and I was like nope I was dying to come!! Elvis tee and Graceland photo


This one actually surprises me because I am so girlie but I’m adventurous. I learned that a few years ago my now husband took us on a cruise my first to be exact and I wanted to go parasailing. The day of I was terrified but then it was fantastic! I loved flying through the air! Pic then the next cruise we did this incredibly insane excursion think it’s actually called like Jet Board experience but we called it jet boots. This thing was a lot harder than it looks and super scary once you’re up in the air there’s nothing to hold on to. I freaked out and fell for the millionth time! It’s funny because I was getting so frustrated and defeated but I wanted to keep going to get better.

I’m terrible at networking and promoting my blog. People always tell me when someone compliments my outfits I should promote my blog and I don’t. And I’m weird about networking. I know I need to but I’m not super comfortable with it. I’m to really a shy person but I don’t love the idea of just walking up to people and talking to them.

Gym Rat

Well not really but I do work out about 5-6 times per week,. I know you can’t really tell as I still have not lost any weight and I’m not ripped but I do!! I don’t consider myself a gym rat and no I don’t eat super healthy like I don’t do vegan raw and things like that!  Too  much! I do try to eat clean when I can.

A good tipper

I was a hostess in high school and a server and  bartender in college and after in NYC so this experience is humbling and has  made me a good tipper. I always over tip!

There’s 5 things you probably didn’t know about me! Feel free to share something about yourself below! Thanks for reading!

Jacket: Express    Tank: Express    Pants: JCPenney

Pumps: Aldo    Bag: H&M

Photo: Jennifer Vecchio

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