Summer Fashion Trends and How to Wear Them

Summer Fashion Trends and How to Wear Them

I had the recent pleasure of hosting a wonderful event at Suncoast Hospice Resale Shops discussing Summer Fashion Trends and How to Wear them. I touched on six trends that I thought would be the most important as far as introducing them and the concept to a crowd. I did get questions about other prints being on trend like polka dots, etc. and I confirmed for Summer prints like polka dot, stripes, florals, gingham are always on trend.

Before we dive into the fashions. I encouraged the ladies to think about two things as I presented. Number One was my goal was to inspire them. We get so caught up in our own lives getting the kids out the door to school, getting ourselves out the door on time for work, etc. that getting dressed each day has become so routine. We go to our closets grab that same blouse we wear with the same pants every time we wear this outfit. I wanted to inspire the ladies to think differently about that blouse. Maybe instead of grabbing the same pants you always reach for try and mix it up pair it with a skirt or another pair of pants and create a new outfit. That’s how you cultivate your own personal style and get  more mileage out of your wardrobe. My second goal I hoped the ladies took away from my presentation was I wanted to get them excited about getting dressed again. As young girls many of us played dress up in our mother’s closets or played with our older sister’s make up. We were so eager to grow up so we could get dressed up and put on make-up and now it’s more of a chore or a way to avoid getting arrested. I hoped to bring some of that excitement back.

We can be so bogged down with just getting out the door each day that we don’t think about what other people will think about our appearance. Doing some research on first impressions. A first impression takes 17 seconds and 55% of that 17 seconds is based on your appearance. That is why it’s so important to take a little time and get yourself together. You never know if a big client will show up in the office unannounced or if you have to step into a meeting with no notice. I preach it’s so important to always be prepared.

Enough about that let’s talk FASHION!! The first trend I wanted to share was bold color. It seems like a no brainer bold color in the Summer. But this season bold color has taken center stage. You can rock this trend by color blocking bold colors like I did with the fuchsia pant, Kelly green blouse and orange blazer, or you can go monochromatic and wear a bold color head-to-toe. This look is so light weight for summer but looks so put together for the office! Fuchsia is a big trend for Fall so you can easily transitions those pieces to the next season. I’m obsessed with this color combination the Kelly green and fuchsia is so amazing!

The next trend and I was so thrilled when I found this vest in the shop is fringe. There is a subtle beaded fringe in this vest and I added a pop of color some turquoise fringe heels. Pairing this fun vest with some coral pants and a white and olive light weight sweater. Another color combo I love is coral and olive green. I pointed it while there is no olive in the vest, olive being a neutral it works. I focused more on “going” vs “matching.” Matching is an evil word in my book. Lol Matching is a very dated way of dressing. Granted I’m not saying I never match but when the opportunity presents itself I prefer to “go” vs. “match.” Just because these pants are a bold color does not mean you have to store them after Labor Day. Switching out the vest for a denim jacket and a fun light weight scarf transitions these pants from Summer to Fall.

Shorts on the runway? Yes! Shorts were a huge Trend for Spring/Summer and designers showed them in every silhouette, fabrication and color. From navy, preppy shorts, or denim shorts, to printed shorts and everything in between. The shorts look I featured were light weight flowy shorts that almost look like a skirt. They are light weight and loose fitting to keep you cool and comfortable when the temps heat up. Paired with an embellished tank this look is so simple and easy. The embellished neckline eliminates the need for a necklace just add some earrings and maybe some bracelets and you’re set. I admitted I hate my arms so instead of throwing a blazer over this tank you could add a light weight long sleeve button up blouse and tie it at the waist to show off your waist and not hide the neckline detail. A gold sandal and straw cross body bag completed this look. I emphasized the importance of embracing metallics and animal prints as neutrals.

This next trend is one of my faves. Safari! The safari look is so chic and effortless! When I spotted this off white button down sleeveless dress I knew this was a must!! An animal print belt and fab olive and coral palm printed blazer completed this look! This is such a fabulous work look and is so easy!  Ditching the blazer and tossing on a straw hat for dinner on the water for the ultimate casual chic look.

I told the ladies that I have a Ph.D. in Print  Mixing and I really do if that was a real thing! Print mixing can be so intimidating. A great way to try is to stick with the same colors in both prints. I was so thrilled when I found this blue and orchid ikat printed skirt and coincidentally found a white and orchid striped shirt. Stripes are an easy print to mix with practically any other print. I also showed other blouse options in blue to explain how any of it would work. I added a fun space dyed jacket over to complete the look and to tie all the colors together and introduce a new color Lime Green if you wanted to go that route. Even basic print mixing will make  you look like a fashion expert!

Denim on denim was my last trend. This trend has been in the fore front for years and shows no sign of slowing down. Mixing washes is the best way to rock this look. A lighter chambray color top with a dark denim pencil skirt is office appropriate and still super sleek and polished.

That wraps up my Summer Fashion Trends!! Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading! Please share your thoughts or any outfits that you may have rocked that incorporated these trends.

P.S. I wanted to share that I was recently on the news promoting this event and it was my first time on tv!!! ICYMI:

Recent pics from my tv segment.

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