8 Fashion Myths, and Why You Should Break Them

8 Fashion Myths, and Why You Should Break Them

There’s such a stigma with certain color combinations that you cannot wear.  There are a few that I stray away from like orange and black but I think if you add fuchsia or turquoise that combo could work, or red and green I don’t do that either.

But then there’s the myths like you can’t wear black and navy together or black and brown together and that is just crazy. First of all black, brown and navy are all neutrals so they automatically go together no questions asked. In fact I even have a suit that has color blocked grey, navy and black faux leather. It all works.

Seen here I mixed black and brown and floral and leopard for that matter. If you’re skeptical about mixing black and brown together an easy trick is to add leopard. Leopard typically has black and brown in it so it makes the transition a little easier. Then pop some red and you’re killing it! Check out the 8 Fashion Myths You Should Be Breaking.

8 Common Fashion Rules, and why you should break them

The word “myth”  can be associated with the silly sayings you have heard growing up like don’t cross your eyes or they will get stuck that way or you must wait 30 minutes after you eat before you go swimming. As adults we know those things are completely ridiculous so why when it comes to fashion do we continue to adhere to these ridiculous rules. Who even created these rules? Especially as trends come and go it’s only natural that any rules would be completely irrelevant to the modern woman. Fashion over the years has shown us that rules are meant to be broken so let’s start right here with these insane myths that frankly should be debunked immediately.

Probably the biggest fashion myth of all is No White After Labor Day. Wearing white and winter white clothing in the winter is such a magical look. You look like a gorgeous ice princess it’s so effortless and clean. And I can’t think of anything better than a pair of white pumps with black dress pants or a pencil skirt. It’s so unexpected and chic, break from the norm of black. I do want to emphasize wearing white strappy sandals is probably the only white item I do not think is appropriate if worn out of season.

Myth number two and probably equally as popular is your Handbag Must Match Your Shoes. Now this rule doesn’t really apply to a black bag and black shoes those are staples, but I do encourage you to be more creative. My real issue with this myth is when ladies wear red shoes and a red handbag. Ladies, this is a NO! Well, in fact, it’s a HELL NO! And please don’t tell me you’re going to rock your red necklace and red earrings. Yikes. This is a super outdated way of dressing and makes you look out-dated.  Especially now in this day in age with metallics and leopard as a neutral, you have so many better options than to dress like a fire hydrant. If you want to wear your red shoes then grab a leopard or snake print handbag then your accessories could be metallic or another color that’s in your outfit. But please ladies I beg you stop matching your handbags and shoes.

This myth is fairly new but has been a huge trend on the fashion scene for probably the better part of a decade but can be tricky and slightly overwhelming. Fashion myth number three and this is probably one of my faves to debunk is No Mixing Prints. Mixing prints have been a huge trend on the runways for years now and in recent seasons is really coming to the forefront. Mixing prints can be very overwhelming so if you’re new to this start small. Mix things that already know go together like stripes and polka dots, stripes and florals, florals and polka dots, etc. The key here is to ensure you have one to two colors that are in both prints to ensure cohesion in your look. You can also mix prints with your accessories so have fun with printed bags and shoes. If you’re a more daring fashionista this is the time to let your creativity run wild and have some fun! So please mix prints! The more the merrier!

This next myth I want to expand on it more than not wearing You Can’t Wear Black and Navy Together to a few more color combos. There’s this myth that you cannot wear certain colors together. Black and navy, black and brown, red and pink, white and off-white, etc. This could not be more false. These are amazing color combinations that you should be wearing. Navy and black are classics and neutrals so they can be interchanged with themselves and other neutral colors. I will say color combinations like black and orange, red and green associated with holidays are combos you should probably stray away from.

Sequins and Metallics are for Evening. WRONG! Folks why would you save your best, most special, magical pieces for evenings? Because let’s face it how often do you really get all dressed up. So these amazing pieces that you love so much are just sitting in your closet. Well now dust off those fabulous items and wear them day or night! For the day if you are afraid of being “too dressy” pair them down with casual pieces. If you have sparkly statement pants or skirt wear them with a denim jacket and a tee if you have a sequin dress wear it with sneakers. You can wear these items whenever you like and let’s face it these pieces are so spectacular they need to be bumped up in the fashion rotation.

No tights or Socks with Open Toe Shoes this really applies to socks and any type of heel besides a pump. This is a newly debunked myth thanks to designers like Prada, Gucci, Celine, etc. who have sent down several collections with perfectly adorned models in immaculately styled socks and tights with a variety of shoe accouterments. Tights with open toe or strappy pumps are so good!! Pair socks with pumps, strappy heels, etc. the sky’s the limits here!

Mixing Metals I’m not saying you have to mix metals every day, but it is now you can and is no longer a rule you should follow. I think the biggest thing to remember when mixing metals is to keep the “feel” in mind. For instance, if you’re going for a bohemian look you can mix metals, ensure they have the same feel. Layer up a few different necklaces varying in length and color with a bohemian vibe this can also work with bracelets, too. If you’re going for a glam look make sure it’s all the same feeling again. If this myth makes you nervous you can buy accessories now that mix the metals together for you. Mixing metals can make you look like a real fashion guru. Try it!

The eighth and final rule is you cannot wear All Denim also known as the Canadian Tuxedo. This rule has actually been on trend for years over the seasons and shows no sign of losing momentum.  If you’re a skeptic; wear denim in varying shades like a dark pair of jeans with a lighter color chambray shirt or jacket. If you’re feeling bold rock the whole look monochromatic.

Fashion is all about self-expression and being true to yourself. There are no rules! Hopefully, this clarifies why these rules are archaic and should be broken.

Jacket:JCPenney    Tank: JCPenney    Blouse: TJMaxx

Skirt: Thrifted    Boots: Aldo    Bag: Fossil

Photo: Feacher Fotos

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