That Time I Met Clinton Kelly

That Time I Met Clinton Kelly


I think I have talked numerous times about how What Not To Wear effected my dressing. Watching this show in college really gave me perspective. But also in High School I took a Marketing class and every Wednesday the teacher made us dress up like what you would wear for an interview called Dress for Success day. And this actually was part of our grade. Which I loved dressing up so I was on board and happy I took two years of this class to have the excuse to dress up. Because of course most high school kids want to dress super casual but not this girl! And of course people would ask “why are you all dressed up” but later in my high school years people stopped asking nad they just knew but Fresman and Sophmore year people didn’t know I was a budding fashionista!


So in Fall of 2007 Clinton Freaking Kelly was doing a Fashion Show tour partnered with Macy’s and he was coming to my town! So obvi I had to be there. He was coming to Tampa and was doing a Fashion Show presentation on Petite dressing. Yes, that’s right petite as in short people and how to dress your petite frame. Umm considering I’m 5’ freaking 9” I am not petite. But I was not missing this opportunity. The deal was if you spent $100 in the Petite department of Macy’s you got his book for free and that was your ticket in to meet him and get him to sign it. Umm seriously? That’s it! Ok, done! So I bought a sweater that was $100, got my book and waited for the day to arrive when I would meet him.

So here we are  the day to meet Clinton Kelly. I got there early and watched the show! Loving Clinton the entire time. Then he wanted to call up people on the stage to give them fashion advice or something I energetically raised my hand but was not called. After the show I haul ass over to the line for the meet and greet because I wanted to be first-ish. Nothing else really spectacular he signed my book, posed for a picture and I was off. But I cherish this memory and have my signed book hanging up on my wall! Want to read more about my random celebrity encounters check out my NYC blog post.

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