Style Series: Work Wear – Shorts@Work

Style Series: Work Wear – Shorts@Work

Hello and Welcome to the next part of my Style Series Work Wear.  Today I want to talk about shorts at work. Now if you asked my mother she would say no way! But hey, it’s 2018 and times they are a changing! I think depending on your work environment shorts are totally appropriate for work. I’m not talking about cut off booty shorts but I think fabric shorts are appropriate. Jean shorts might be a stretch but again depending on your work environment could work if your workplace is more casual. When I found these teal green corduroy shorts at a thrift store I was over the  moon and they were my size!! Dying!! I wore these shorts to work one day as styled. I think with tights and a blazer or sweater shorts are totally appropriate. The length is a safe bet for work at the knee but I have previously worn shorter shorts with opaque tights to work. A shorter length can be a little bit tricky. Depending on your environment. But I wore dark black tights so people weren’t instantly aware I was wearing shorts if they even noticed at all. And if you are going to wear shorter shorts keep the top very dressy and covered! You shouldn’t be showing legs and chest. That rule to me does apply to work and real life. I mean ladies leave a little to the imagination! Just saying! Check out more of my shorts at work here in Camo and Shorts and here in Leaves Please.

This is the second installment of this series. If  you missed the first one check it out here in Creating a Modern Suit.

Blazer: Thrifted    Blouse: JCPenney   Shorts: Thrifted    Pumps: Nine West

Bag: Thrifted



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