Perfect Summer Jumpsuit

Perfect Summer Jumpsuit

I saw this jumpsuit on a fellow blogger Rochelle from Beauticurve. She’s a very successful plus size blogger and I love her fearless take on fashion!!  One of her instastories she  was wearing this jumpsuit and I was captivated. First of all the jumpsuit looked great on her. It was figure flattering and I mean who doesn’t love a floral lemon and citrus printed jumpsuit! And I love the wide, flowy legs, too it feels so summery and light! It’s from ASOS Curve which is there plus size line. I have never ordered clothing from ASOS so I was skeptical. Naturally I did not bother to take my measurements I just winged it! Story of my life. The blogger on her instastory said the jumpsuit did not have any stretch so that made me nervous so I sized up. I don’t think the 12 was available so I took a stab at the 14. Well folks all I can say is take measurements. This jumpsuit was huge. But here’s my thougths I can either send it back and not own it (umm that wasn’t really an option) or I can have it altered! The jumpsuit is decent quality and is a pretty timeless print and silhouette so I won’t run the risk of it going “out of style”, which if you follow my blog you know I don’t care about what’s “in style” and what’s not. But this is pretty classic. Some cuts that I think show a certain year or time is the cold shoulder look even though it’s been around for a few seasons now and currently the the triangle seen here I think is one of the most telling necklines right now. The off the shoulder neckline I think is very trendy now but is a classic neckline so you will be able to wear those items when their 15 minutes is up.

That’s probably one of the biggest take a ways I can give you is if an item doesn’t fit perfectly you can always have it tailored. I lost 40 pounds a few years back and I did not want to throw away all of my fabulous clothes so the ones I wanted to keep I just had taken in. I mean it cost me maybe $15-$25 to have a pair of pants altered vs. buying new pants and they probably wouldn’t be the same as the ones I owned. Don’t get me wrong I did buy new clothes too (because where’s the fun in losing weight if you can’t buy new clothes) but some things I wanted to keep.

If you follow my blog you know I have an obsession with jumpsuits and I love the idea of jumpsuits for summer especially this light and airy one with all these fabulous colors. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with ASOS Curve and their clothing options. They have some really cute stuff!! And the quality is pretty good for fast fashion. I already have more items in my cart. The addiction never ends.

Jumpsuit: ASOS     Pumps: Aldo    Bag: Thrifted    Earrings: Baublebar

Photo: Alex Murg

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