Paying it Forward

Paying it Forward

This look is completely thrifted. The shoes are not but hey they were discount!

When I spotted this shirt in my local Salvation Army I was in love! But I was sad. I had always heard Salvation Army say if an item does not have a price tag they will not sell it. They will put send it back to the back to be reprocessed and priced. So when I saw this shirt I loved then realized it did not have a price, but I hung on to the top anyways. I guess secretly hoping they would sell it to me anyways. I also found these Ralph Lauren jeans at the same store. I like the straight leg and relaxed fit. It’s a fit in between skinny and boyfriend which I am loving. So I round up all of my treasures and stand in line. While I’m in line I leaned forward and my sunglasses fell on the ground and a very nice young man probably about 12 years old bent down and picked them up for me. I was shocked. I didn’t think kids these days were like that! Now it’s his turn to pay and all he has in his hand is some type of toy action-figure type thing. I guess he asked the lady the price and it was $.50 and he didn’t have it so the lady said she would buy it. I mouthed behind the young man I would buy it. So the kid walked off and I told her I would pay for the toy. She looked a little confused I told her what happened and she said it was nice of me and gave me half off of my Ralph Lauren jeans. The young man never knew I bought the toy for him and the cashier offered to half it with me, but that wasn’t why I wanted to do it. He was nice and I wanted to repay the gesture.

Back to my unpriced top. The lady noticed there was no price then she said a price and I was like sounds good then I said something like thanks for selling it to me I know you guys typically don’t sell merchandise if there’s no price. And she was like who told you that. I responded that I have always heard that in your stores. She looked offended so I back pedaled and said well I used to shop at your St. Petersburg location a lot I think I heard it there. So good to know that’s not their policy but I’m guessing if a store wants to employ a certain policy they probably can.

So yes this look is completely thrifted. Which leads me to ask Why Are You Still Shopping Retail?

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Shoes: Marshall’s    Bag: Chico’s     Earrings: H&M

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