Gold Jumpsuit

Gold Jumpsuit

I love end of the season sales. You can get so much good stuff for so cheap! Also, I love stocking up when stores are closing. Granted I don’t love when stores in the mall close, because going to the mall is my favorite past time. I know you can shop online but there’s just something about buying new stuff and taking it home that day. Yes, there’s much faster shipping options available now but I still like that instant gratification.

Shopping at the mall reminds me of my early years. Going shopping for school clothes which of course was my favorite part of being in school and shopping with your friends on the weekends. It makes me nostalgic for things from my childhood that are obsolete now. Like my Dad would let us rent movies and we ordered pizza on the weekends and that was so amazing. I remember the suspense of will the new release you want to watch be there?? Just such a fond childhood memory. So I get sad when I hear of stores closing especially stores I used to shop at like Wet Seal.

So my local New York & Co was closing I believe because of the price of rent the company is not going under in fact they have a collection with Eva Mendes and Gabrielle Union. Typically when stores close they do a markdown each few weeks so the first one when it was announced was 50% and I made out like a champ! Then I went back and they were closing in like 2 weeks so everything in the store was 80% and again I made out like a champ! I scored this amazing mustard velvet jumpsuit and many other items for practically nothing.

I wore this jumpsuit to a date night out with the hubs in February and it’s going to be perfect for out belated Honeymoon to Lake Tahoe next  month. When I put on this jumpsuit my husband was like umm you ok with the cleavage. Really I wasn’t and I have NEVER been ok with showing any type of cleavage. If you could even see the top of my cleavage I call that the valley I would wear a cami underneath. So I responded that I’m just tolerating them. LOL I can’t fight it and a cami would look bad so I just gotta embrace what God gave me! Then a few weeks ago I showed a friend of mine a different jumpsuit (yes, I know I have a problem but I love jumpsuits) link other jumpsuits and she was like is that too much boob for you and I said I’m just ignoring my cleavage. LOL but it’s true. I can’t change it and I might as well enjoy it because after the babies they will probably be hanging down to my knees!

Ok, back to the sale. I wanted this off the shoulder pale blue velvet dress that they did not have when I was there previously so I pop back in for one last look. I quickly scan the racks and low and behold the dress I was looking for in my size! Score!! I was sorry to see this store close, but there’s always on line and I have purchased a few items online! I’ll be posting those too!!

I’m getting nostalgic as all these things that I did in my childhood are now becoming obsolete. Like renting videos from the video store, calling the local radio station to request songs (no, just me? Cheese stands alone? My brother and I would call in all the time and request Jump by Kriss Kross don’t judge), your date actually picking you up at the door and not just texting you to come out (umm that’s not happening in my house!) and shopping at the mall. I grew up shopping at stores like Wet Seal and Lerner (which was bought by New York and Co). I think at one point malls will be a thing of the past. What do you think will be the fate of retail stores?

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Jacket: Thrifted     Jumpsuit: New York and Co.    Earrings: Baublebar

Shoes: DSW    Bag: Chico’s

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