Style Series: Work Wear – Creating a Modern Suit

Style Series: Work Wear – Creating a Modern Suit

I’ve wanted to do a work wear post for some time now. So I have decided to make this a multi part series in my Style Series. I will link all of them as I post each week. This week I want to talk about suiting and creating an unconventional suit. If your job is very corporate and requires a suit you may feel limited on expressing your fashionable creativity, or if your job is pretty laid back creating a Modern Suit might be a fun update to your wardrobe.

I really love this concept of creating a Modern Day suit from separates. I do think having a suit is beneficial because you can wear the suit together or break apart the pieces and wear them separately. But if you want a suit look without running out a buying one this Modern Suit  might be up your alley. This outfit for example I knew I wanted to be inspired by the movie Clueless I mean hello I’m wearing a Clueless t-shirt. But I knew I didn’t want to be super literal and look costumey. So I figured black and white was a great pairing. I recently bought this skirt super on sale and threw that with the tee. I liked what I was seeing. I have to admit I did struggle with the jacket. I tried several that I already owned and nothing seemed right.  Then I threw this oversized plaid one on the bed with the tee and skirt (yes, that’s how I create all the madness I lay everything out on my bed to get an overall idea) and I loved the jacket. I loved that it has traces of pink in it to tie in my tee. You could totally do a colorful plaid blazer with a more basic skirt and that would totally work and that was what I was going for I just didn’t have the right blazer. Of course in true Clueless fashion I had to keep the sock thing going and now socks and pumps are so on trend I thought this was a great way to modernize this Clueless look.

This modern suit works because of the colors yes but also the size of the prints. The skirt is such a small print and the blazer is so much larger in scale it’s a great juxtaposition.  Check out another way I remixed a suit here in Black and White.

Next week my Style Series I will be talking about shorts at work.

Jacket: Thrifted (similar here)     Tee: (similar here)

Skirt: Express (similar here)  Pumps: Aldo     Pom Poms: Aldo (similar here)

Bag: Bealls Outlet (similar here)     Earrings: Aldo (similar here)


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