Are You Still Shopping Retail?

Are You Still Shopping Retail?

I feel a little hypocritical asking why are you still shopping retail when I have bought a few items for summer that were retail. Granted some were from outlet stores and on sale I think only two dresses I paid full price but I did have a coupon off of your first purchase if you signed up for emails, which I recommend because every little bit helps and you can always unsubscribe later. But I typically have a hard time finding thrifted pieces for summer. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying I never find anything summery in thrift stores because I do I totally blame it on the fact that I really hate summer as a season. Here in Florida it’s just so hot it makes you not even want to bother getting dressed or even to try because you just end up sweating profusely so what’s the point. And then it’ so humid your hair looks awful so it’s just not a super inspiring time of year for me. But I will say last summer I struggled with my fashion but this year I’m totally feeling it. I tend to lean very preppy in the summer this year is no different but also I’m feeling a lady-like vibe too! Check out Bummer Summer and Summer Suits.

But let’s get back on track with Why Are You Still Shopping Retail?

This outfit the dress and coat are thrifted. I think I paid maybe $8 for the dress and it’s Liz Claiborne which I love buying her stuff (RIP) I think it’s great quality and this 100% silk dress is totally perfect! I love the print and the colors it was a perfect dress for Fall. I typically don’t wear silk in the middle of summer in Florida because I will have sweat marks in two seconds flat so I save them for cooler spring temps or Fall. This coat was from the Sheriff’s Youth Ranch Thrift Store (I frequent these places a lot and it’s for a good cause) it did not have a price so the guy at the register sold it to me for $10. Considering it’s a real fur collar I thought this was a steal! I love the bracelet sleeve length sleeve -lets you show off some great gloves or fab jewelry.

I love thrift shopping because you can find one-of-a-kind pieces that no one else will have. I really don’t like to look like everyone else. But if finding fab 80’s pieces isn’t your bag don’t fret you can find some amazing current items as well. I have found some great name brand items for so cheap. My mom has found some amazing suits for like $10-$15 bucks when retail they would have been $150-$200.  I think that’s the bad stigma with thrifted clothing is that it’s wither crap (which to be honest (80% of it is or it’s not your size which either way doesn’t benefit you) or it’s all crazy 80’s stuff. That’s partially true. There are some pretty fabulously ridiculous 80’s pieces but there’s also great items that people have given away for one reason or another.

I  mean would you have ever guessed that this dress and coat were thrifted? Granted the coat looks super vintage probably from the 60’s if I had to venture a guess so someone might think it’s from a fab vintage or consignment shop.  So not only do you find great items whether you’re looking for vintage items or current items you are paying so much less for the pieces than you would if you bought it retail. I tend to put my money into my accessories! I don’t skimp when it comes to bags and shoes. I want quality! So I will pay a little more for those. But nowadays clothing is made so terribly it’s not even worth the price they are asking for.

If you’re interested in starting to thrift or if you’re already a thrifter and want to know my tips check them out here in How to Thrift Like a Pro.

Dress and Coat: Thrifted    Bag: TJMaxx    Tights: Express    Pumps: Nine West

Fur: Express     Belt: Express

Photo: @FeacherFotos

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