I was so looking forward to the remake of the 80’s cult classic Heathers. Granted I was curious how they would convert it to a tv show but they’ve done it with shows like Friday Night Lights so why not. But I distinctly remember thinking that Heathers is so controversial this movie would never make it today in our overly sensitive PC world. ( I can’t shake PC Principal out of my head now from South Park). So we had less than one month to go before the launch on Paramount Network and the school shooting in Florida happened. Paramount has postponed the show until later this year. I predict this show will never air. It’s too controversial. I mean (spoiler alert if you have not seen the movie – stop reading) it’s about two teens (Christian Slater looks gorgeous and Winona Ryder) kill their classmates. Now Winona didn’t realize that JD (Slater) wanted to actually kill people she thought they were just going to scare people. Then they make it all look like suicides because it was the popular kids being killed.


I have promised myself to not talk about politics on my blog because there’s too much of that ish going on and plus you don’t care what I think and rightfully so. Recent school shooting or not this show was always going to be controversial. I understand postponing it out of respect, but like I said I still do not think this show will air. We as a society are too sensitive for this kind of material.

I was curious how they were going to adapt the series for TV and if they were going to switch it up and they did. A plus size girl is popular and she’s the main Heather. Which I’m curious if it was done intentionally because in the movie the popular kids picked on an unpopular girl who was overweight.

So I’m gonna stick to watching the amazing movie!! It’s so good if you haven’t seen it you should! I mean if not for the fashion and Christian Slater alone!!  So when I saw this tee I had to have it. Then this jacket always makes me think of Heathers as seen here in appropriately titled What’s Your Damage Heather.  I was getting my Heathers on back then, don’t judge!

Jacket: Thrifted    Tee: Redbubble    Jeans: GAP    Pumps: Aldo    Bag: Bealls Outlet

Earrings: Thrifted

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