Spring Fashion Trends and How to Wear Them

Everything from denim to color, shine and feathers Spring 2018 trends are pulling out all the stops!  This Spring is not for the fashion faint of heart!

Bold Color

We can’t talk about Spring without talking about COLOR! This trend is kind of a no-brainer, but Spring is the time to shed off your dark, dreary layers of Winter and inject some much-needed life back into your wardrobe. The easiest way to do this is with bold color. As seen on the runways of Tom Ford, Carolina Herrera and Marc Jacobs whether worn monochromatically or colorblocked these designers kicked off Spring with a bang.  You can embrace this trend with a bold colored jumpsuit or dress then add some bold accessories and make a huge statement for maximum impact. If head-to-toe bold isn’t your thing you can take baby steps with bold colors and add them to your wardrobe with eye-catching accessories. Whether it’s with bold turquoise pumps, some electric colored earrings or handbag there’s no such thing as too bold or too bright. So how bold will you go?


Denim tends to be a hot trend in the Fall more than the Spring, but this Spring denim is huge!!! Most of us already own denim so you won’t have to rush out and buy something to take part in this trend unless you want to and who doesn’t need more denim! The fun with this trend is there is no right or wrong way to wear it! You can pile it on and rock the Canadian Tuxedo or you can take it in smaller updated doses, with fun denim patchwork or new hem treatments such as frayed or high-low. You could even add denim accessories to your denim look with denim heels or sneakers. Like I said there is no wrong way to rock this trend.


The runways of Oscar de la Renta and Calvin Klein featured windbreakers, parkas, and anoraks alike. This trend has been strong for a while and lets ’s face it this is a fabulous transition piece for your wardrobe as you move from cooler months to warmer temps. An anorak is a true must-have.  As the seasons change you might need a light layer to add to a dress or tank to keep you warm when the sun goes down on those early Spring days. The anorak gives your outfit a different look than adding a blazer or cardigan. It’s an effortlessly chic way to add some punch to any outfit, or can take a simpler outfit and give it an extra something. Accessorizing your anorak is simple and frankly, it’s a blank canvas if your anorak is simple you can add statement necklaces or earrings, even an amazing bag or fab shoes. If your anorak is more of a statement then let the jacket do the talking and keep your accessories minimal. Anoraks are perfect with jeans and a tee or over a skirt and tank for the office. Worn with sneakers or heels there is no wrong way to wear this trend. If you’re ready for Spring but Mother Nature has other ideas an Anorak is a perfect piece until the temps warm up.

Mixed Prints

Mixed Prints have been on the fashion scene for years but have reemerged this Spring with a vengeance thanks to the collections of Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and many others prove when it comes to print mixing the more the merrier. This trend can be overwhelming if you are new to this trend or tend to stray from prints. The key to this trend for a novice is to find prints that go together like florals and stripes or stripes and polka dots. Then ensure that both prints have a common color or two in them. This will help with your overall cohesion until you learn how to conquer this trend without fear. If you’re a seasoned vet to print mixing then use this as an excuse to let your creativity run wild. Challenge yourself to have fun with this trend. Print mixing isn’t just limited to your clothing don’t forget about mixing prints with your shoes, handbag, and even your sunglasses. One of the biggest trends on the runways for footwear was the return of the sling back shoe. Why not rock a ladylike mixed print outfit with a new pair of slingbacks!  You will be killing it this Spring.


Most notably was the Spring 2018 fashion show of Victoria Beckham. Her models adorned in sorbet colors, but don’t dare call her collection sweet. Pastels are a huge trend this Spring. Not just at Victoria Beckham but at Celine, Preen and Hermes also had ice cream colored collections. Add this trend to your wardrobe in small doses with accessories like shoes or handbags or you can take the trend head-to-toe. This trend can be worn monochromatic or you can mix several of these fun hues together. If pastels are too sugary sweet for you you could add in a white leather moto jacket to add some edge or add any type of shoe in a snake print to pump up the volume. That is actually a trick I read in an article years ago that SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) adds snake print pumps to add edge to florals, but this clearly can apply to ice cream colors as well.

Satin and Shine

This trend is one of my personal faves because let’s face it I never met a sparkle I did not like! A common misconception is that satin and shiny things like metallic and sequins are only for going out or holidays and that could not be more FALSE! Especially this Spring embrace all things shiny! If you’re worried about looking too overdressed wear your favorite sneakers like a pair of Chucks or Vans with your sparkle to give it a young cool vibe without being too dressy. Add a bomber jacket over a sequin dress to dress it down perfect for lunch or an afternoon of shopping.


This trend is as about as groundbreaking as “florals for Spring” but it’s a huge trend this season. So bring on the shorts! Long, short, baggy, distressed, cutoffs, classicly preppy the possibilities are endless! We even saw the comeback of the bike short march down the runways. You can practically wear any shoe you want with this trend. If you wear a tee and shorts you can dress it up with a blazer and some heels or if you want a more casual look pair them with sandals or sneakers.


I’m actually giddy with delight for this trend. The feather trend shows no sign of stopping thanks to the collections of Prada, Celine and Nina Ricci showing everything from feather trimmings to full-on looks. If this trend is too extra for you think smaller like with accessories; earrings, necklaces, or even shoes and clutches. If you’re feeling fearless feathers will definitely get you noticed so why not take it to a higher level with a full feather ensemble.  Depending on your type of feathers this is a trend that could be worn day or night.


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