Southern Charm

Southern Charm


I’ve been struggling with what to wear this Summer and I’m not exactly sure why I mean it’s no secret or surprise to me that I HATE SUMMER! But as a Floridian I suffer through it just waiting for the fall season on the calendar not the temperatures cause that day won’t come until December of January. Read more about my Summer hatred diatribe in Bummer Summer.

Finding Inspiration

I did find some inspiration when pulling outfits for this shoot though! This shoot was in the beginning of the Summer so maybe binge watching this season of Southern Charm or scrolling through hundreds of J. Crew or J. Crew inspired Pinterest posts helped with the process because I love the outfits I pulled and they are so old school southern inspired! One is above in Bummer Summer then there’s Summer Suits. Let me know what you think!

But now I am happily almost through the Summer season so I’m thrilled! And I have enough outfits planned to last through the end of the Summer.

Venture Out Ladies

Can you believe this blazer is from the men’s department? Either can I! I was helping my fiance’ shop for more work pants and saw this blazer. I suggested he try it on as a joke since he doesn’t really wear color and he doesn’t wear prints! He has the typical handful of plaid button ups for “special occasions” but other than that it’s solidsville! Solid tees and polos. And only in a handful of colors: blue, black, grey, and burgundy. Nothing crazy! It’s funny because people joke that we are total opposites and it’s true we are. But enough about that. So yes this blazer is a men’s blazer and I don’t care! That’s the moral of the story. Ladies, venture out! Shop in the men’s section I mean why not?! I have found so many great things in the men’s section. Don’t let things like sections stop you.  But I do stress be careful with shopping in the Junior’s section I’m not going to say it’s not age appropriate but in that section the cuts are not made for a woman’s body and the fabrications are not the best! So why waste your hard earned money on a chiffon dress made out of bad material!? That’s just a public service announcement from me to you!

Not sure why but I like this pic! LOL

Thanks for reading! Is there a season you hate let me know!

Jacket: JCPenney    Top: Lands End    Pants: GAP    Pumps: Marshall’s

Bag: Charming Charlie    Sunglasses: Vans    Earrings: No clue sorry

Photo: Alex Murg

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Estrella Fashion Report
August 28, 2017 Reply

Love the color combo and the jacket is fab!

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