Sequins and Leopard

Sequins and Leopard

So during this shoot this is where I noticed the cute gazebo in downtown Safety Harbor and knew that’s where I wanted to get married! So I started full throttle into wedding planning! Don’t get the wrong idea I was going to do the second one much smaller and much cheaper!

But then I started to wonder am I too old to have a wedding again? Yes, I felt ridiculous at my age having a wedding. This is such a huge pain in the ass!!! Who’s going to bring the booze to the reception? Who’s going to restock the booze? Who’s going to set up the place settings? So I finally said the hell with it! I’m not doing this!

So now we have decided on a small family party then a big friends bash after the honeymoon!

And frankly I could not be happier! I was never ever one of those girls who dreamt about my wedding and I do not understand spending soooo much money on all that shit! Pardon my french but seriously! If it’s for a wedding the price is jacked up like 1,000%! I can’t participate in knowing that. It’s insane. But ladies do whatever you want!

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Top: Thrifted    Pants: Forever 21     Bag: Aldo    Shoes: Aldo

Earrings: Thrifted

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