Pretty in Pleats

Pretty in Pleats

I bought this outfit well the top actually years ago when I was in Las Vegas and they had a mannequin kind of styled like this granted the other pieces are not from the same store anyways they had this awful big black belt at the waist which I chose to veto because why would you take attention away from this pretty top. If you follow my blog you know pretty outfits are not my thing so I had to switch it up with a faux hawk and snake print clutch. Occasionally I do wear a pretty outfit check out one of my faves here in Winter White.

So funny story this was the first time I shot with this photographer great guy Chad Feacher and he thought I was a legit blogger. Like he thought he’d just stroll in and snap some pics and I would Vogue it out ya know like bam pose, bam pose, bam pose, etc. well that’s not what happened! I am talented at styling yes, but posing…that’s not my thing. I def need direction. I know what I like and don’t like but if I don’t have some guidance I’ll just do my old fall back poses! You know you’ve seen them! I do have to say my posing has gotten much better since I first started almost four years ago.

I’m actually really uncomfortable in front of the camera. When it’s just me and my remote I can goof off but with a photographer I feel more pressure and more uncomfortable! I’m a stylist at heart so I’m more of a behind the scenes kind of gal!

Jacket: Express     Tank: Bar III     Skirt: Thrifted    Pumps: Guess

Photo: Chad Feacher @Feacherfotos

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