Mall Rat

Mall Rat

If you follow my blog you know I’m a thrifter! If you’re new to my blog welcome and  you should know I am an avid and damn proud thrifter! I like the uniqueness of the one-of-a-kind pieces. I love that it inspires my creativity to create a great outfit! Anyways well this Summer I was not very inspired fashion wise. Could be because I hate Summer read all about my Summer rant in Bummer Summer but I also wasn’t finding anything great in the thrift stores to trigger my creativity.

Gasp, The Mall

So I turned to the mall! I started buying anything and everything I liked. Luckily I returned most of it when I came to my senses! LOL I did keep a few great basics some preppy button up tops that I live in always and forever from Lands End! Love me some gingham!

Anyways I was a certified mall rat! Buying things in stores and on-line. And the entire time I knew this was not me. I even bought a top that I’ve seen tons of fellow blogger wearing the print in some fashion but I couldn’t resist and did not take it back I mean it’s a lemon print! Who doesn’t love lemons!

Not So Basic

So in my attempt to not turn into a Basic Bitch Blogger I tried to just bide my time until fall! And a recent trip to three local (well not local to where I live but local to my hometown) I found my fall fashion inspiration! So good bye mall rat!

Top: Zara – recent at the Summer sale    Jeans: American Eagle – Recent $19.99

Pumps: Aldo    Bag: Thrifted    Earrings: Bauble Bar

Photo: Feacher Fotos

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