Glamorous Life of a Fashion Blogger

Glamorous Life of a Fashion Blogger


Part-time Fashion Blogger

I can’t speak for all Fashion Bloggers, but from what I have heard I’m not too far off base. I’ve seen Instastories that just prove my point. So here’s a fist hand look at the fabulous life of a part-time Fashion Blogger. Maybe my life would be better well slightly more glamorous if I was a full-time Fashion Blogger but I’m not. I have a 9 to 5 so I have to juggle this wannabe fashion life on the side!

So let’s just dive in shall we?

Life of a Fashion Blogger

Where do I start? I guess let’s dive in with the glamorous stuff! So I decided after seeing some young millennial college girl had this amazing blog and by amazing I just mean really great photography her style was average (not hate just the truth) then I realized if I’m going really do this or continue doing this I need to step up my game! I need to get a photographer. For the first three years of my blog I took my own photos with my iPhone and that’s just not cutting it. So I found a photographer so that was great! There are tons of photographers out there who want interesting stuff to shoot and will shoot you for free you just have to ask! But be prepared many won’t do it for free so you’ll have to do your homework. So now that I have a real photographer I was set. Or so I thought. We shoot several outfits at one time which means changing where ever I can. Thankfully I’m not shy or modest. The very first shoot ever was HOT temperature wise and I was wearing fall-ish looks. So I was changing where ever we are so yep that included in front of a homeless man in downtown Clearwater. Thankfully there was a Starbucks so I could change there in privacy and in AC double plus! As I continued to shoot with photographers more glamorous places to change. Mostly in my car thank god but one morning it was early and I was changing in front of a restaurant and down from Dunkin Donuts so I was trying to cover myself between my doors. When all of a sudden these two middle aged men sat down at the table right in front of where I was changing. So I covered my semi-exposed boobs (I was wearing a bra but still) so I covered my bra and thankfully the men moved down. But then they chatted up the photographer about what we are doing, etc.

The Sweat Factor

I’m probably discussing the obvious but still feel the need to say it. So I live in Florida, Clearwater actually so it’s super hot like 95% of the time. Yes, I try to shoot early or late in the day but it’s still hot as hell! Then you factor in the humidity and it’s awful! So shooting and changing outside just makes you sweat more! So in between shooting I’m trying to dab not rub my sweat off my face so I don’t look like a sweaty hot mess! Then I start to sweat off my eye make up and that’s really attractive! When that happens I just keep the sunglasses on! Then you have to factor in changing in your car. Now I’m too big and too uncoordinated to change in my back seat like most bloggers so I change in the front seat right in front of the AC and do as much as I can from the front seat! It’s tricky to say the least. I can’t figure out how to put bottoms on the rest isn’t too bad.

So one day I was having dinner with my dad and his ex-fiance’ and she looked appalled that I would change in public like that. Then I immediately and calmly fired back well what’s the difference if I was at the beach. I have more skin exposed skin in my bathing suit than I do when I’m changing. She just kind of looked at me and my dad laughed! Probably one of the reasons they didn’t work out lol! But I am waiting for a cop one day to cite me. We will see!

Lonesome Dove

So in my early days my husband took my photos with an iPhone. He’s now my ex-husband I will talk about that one day I promise. So when I got divorced I didn’t want to stop blogging I actually threw myself into it more during that time so I had to think how to do it solo! I mean the show must go on, right? And I had read a real blogger had a remote control for her fancy DSLR camera so I figured if they had a remote for fancy cameras they had to have one for iPhones, right? So I wasn’t really sure what to type into the search box on Amazon that must have been funny! But hten I found it remote control camera shutter! Jackpot! So with a few clicks it was on it’s way. When it arrived I was nervous because I’m not exactly tech savvy but low and behold it’s actually pretty idiot proof! So I’ve done that and still use the remote when I’m on my own. And on such a day I was quickly shooting this outfit at the park in a hurry to make it to my 6:15 gym class. So I hop out of the car and grab all my stuff and drop my little discreet remote into this crazy heap of bushes. So here I am searching in the bushes for this stupid thing! I eventually found it but Jesus what a shit show!  Isn’t being a Fashion Blogger so glamorous?! Hope you had a few laughs at my expense!

See tiny camera shutter that I hold in my hand.

Meets crazy shrubs. I know these don’t look bad but they were so think and dense I honestly thought the search was hopeless!

This is the only choker I will wear! It’s vintage and amazing! I snagged it at an estate sale for cheap! I think chokers are way too popular so it’s not happening for this girl!

Check out my mohawk action!

So as I’m randomly in the park well off to the side but anyways a guy walks by and tells me he likes my shoes! Umm thanks man! That’s another thing all the comments, stares and snaps you receive while shooting! In Clearwater, Florida people do not understand why I have a photographer and what the hell a Fashion Blogger is. So there’s lots of talking and questions.  I’ve even had people take a picture of me. Umm seriously you’re going to look back in your photos and think yeah there’s that girl in the crazy outfit having her picture taken. Not likely!

Dress: TJMaxx had to talk myself into going back and buying it

Vest: Forever 21     Shoes: Aldo a half size too small which means excruciatingly painful!

Choker: Thrifted    Bag: Bakers I think they closed 🙁

Sunglasses: Hot Topic and my favorite and they are MIA

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