Funky Fall Back

Funky Fall Back

Funky Fall Back

Every woman and man for that matter I won’t exclude you gentleman it you’re reading my blog lol from this anyways everyone has their fall back outfit! The go-to outfit for events. Most women I’m sure it’s probably a black dress or an LBD to speak industry terms meaning Little Black Dress! But I’m not your ordinary woman! So this little diddy is my fall back outfit! It’s the outfit I think of and wear to most fashion functions!

Comfort Zone

I think because typically I’m an introvert! I mean I have no problem going up to people and talking to them I don’t have social anxiety but once I introduce myself I’m at a loss! I’m not much of a small talk person! In fact I hate it. So I use my clothing as an ice breaker in social settings. Naturally when I came up with this outfit it was perfect! I mean look at it! It’s got vintage leather, sequins, print, colors, harem pants and volume! What more could you ask for! This outfit just screams hello come tell me I’m awesome! Ok my ego is getting away from me. But it’s the type of outfit people will notice and comment on therefore creating a topic of conversation.

As Previously Seen

I have worn this outfit to two other fashion functions. And it’s funny normally when I rewear an outfit I switch up the styling because as well know as you grow up and such your style and taste change but I have kept this outfit the exact same even down to the hair and lipstick choice!

Check out the other posts where I rocked this look in The Art of Fashion and at Trash 2 Trends. These were both wonderful events and great posts to read about!


What’s your go to look for an event? Do you wear the same thing? Thanks for reading!



Jacket: Thrifted    Top: Nordstrom     Pants: Forever 21

Pumps: Nordstrom    Bag: Vintage Thrifted    Necklace: Aldo

Photo: Alex Murg


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