We went on a cruise last year and that was huge. It was our first real big trip together. Oh I’m sorry by we I mean me and my boyfriend (well fiance’ now) anyways. The month before our first trip we took a little road trip to Mississippi for my sister-in-laws birthday! That was huge too because that was 16 hours together in a car. So the next month we were going on a four day cruise! Like what if we get on each other’s nerves?? But we made it through both of those trips with flying colors.

So his best friend was sad he didn’t get to come on the cruise with us so we planned a cruise for the next year but he didn’t come this time you know how it is new girl friend etc. Which was fine we took an eight day cruise and it was great!

Here’s my cruise trip recap!

We are cruising on Carnival Sunshine. This was our first Carnival trip and we were not disappointed. We choose the destination vs. the cruise ship. Jeremy my fiance’ doesn’t care where we go so I wanted to go to Aruba! So random thing the last cruise I brought every piece of ID I had. Drivers license, passport even though it has my maiden name on it, my birth certificate then I brought my divorce papers just in case. Well the firsts cruise they didn’t care this cruise before we even boarded they took our papers and the guy asked if I had my divorce papers? I was like dammit no one asked for it last time! So just an FYI bring everything always! Just in case!

We left from Port Canaveral and got on the boat early which is what I prefer. He was drunk before we left lol and one of our bags was lost and I had to go ask about our excursion. So after some time in the sun I dragged drunky around to handle this. LOL it was two stops across the walkway from each other so super close and drunky was acting like we had been out here for hours lol. Found the bag and got the excursion situation handled.

Drunk babe picture!

The thing about long cruises is so much time at sea. So there isn’t much to say until we arrive in Aruba!

The second night was the Captain’s Dinner!!! I’m not sure why but they took our bread plates off the table and placed these silver shells so of course I took a picture with it like it was a phone. What can I say slow news day we were at sea all day! I will say this this was the actual Captain’s Dinner and people did dress up! I don’t know if our four day cruise didn’t have a Captain’s Dinner but people were not every dressed up on our previous cruise but this one did not disappoint!

I don’t think Jeremy knows this but I was finished getting dressed in the bathroom putting my lipstick and checking my hair, etc. and I could him looking in my purse for my engagement ring but was trying to grab it before I came out and decided to stop then asked hey there’s another dressy night, right? I said yes baby!

We took selfies our last cruise so the tradition continued!

They had these silver shells on our table for the fancy nights so I made it like a phone! I don’t know why but in this pic I look like a mermaid with the shell and the lights in the back!

Finally after two and a half days at sea we finally arrive in ARUBA! It was so beautiful! So the excursion I really wanted to do was called the Jetboard Experience. Holy crap so basically it’s like these boots that strap to  your feet and a jet pack is attached to them to shoot you into the air. Jeremy wasn’t to jazzed about doing it but I was so pysched! I of course went first and holy shit that shit was hard! The boots are really stiff so it makes it difficult to control the thing and that’s how you stand up by putting your heels back. Needless to say I fell a lot! LOL I drank about a gallon of salt water that day! And the funny thing is I thought it was going to be so easy I was just going to propel around in my cute hat, earrings and lipstick! Hell no! That’s not what happened! I got really high once and got scared and leaned back and lost my balance and fell backwards! I started to get like a burn from my under arm rubbing up against the life vest so I had to stop by the cruise medic for some ointment! Jeremy was much better at this than I was and he went up way higher!

Not the best pic but yes me falling for the hundredth time!

This was me pre-Jetboard see I thought I was going to be able to have my hat on, lipstick and earrings. Silly Rabbit!

He wasn’t feeling well so after the excursion he went back to the boat! I had never been to Aruba so I at least wanted to walk around so I quickly walked up and down the main street snapped some pics and went back to take care of my baby! He wasn’t feeling well so we didn’t get all dressed up for dinner this night just chilled in the buffet!

Dinner in this Summer Suits.

Next day was Bonaire! We didn’t have any excursions booked so we just walked around and explored but after a short walk we realized there wasn’t much to do at 10:00 am so we headed back and caught a taxi to the beach! And thank goodness we did because wow that beach was awesome! We saw some iguanas see them here they were pretty cool and posed for a few pics. Then they left!


So we were just hanging out in the water and they had wind surfing. I had never done anything like that but I really wanted to. Windsurfing was super fun! A great workout! LOL Totally worth the $30! But I felt so bad I really didn’t know how to steer or control the damn thing so if I was headed towards people and I was several times I just had to shout hey sorry I can’t steer this thing and people just laughed and moved! Thank goodness!

I was always so worried about not getting back to the boat on time and we were a good 20-30 minutes away so I wanted to head back a little early to beat the crowd so we headed back.

I bought this suit and knew instantly I was wearing it on the cruise! I mean if this suit doesn’t scream cruise I don’t what does!

Another day at sea so nothing super fun except we played Bingo and lost! But we had fun! He’s not much of a pool guy so we only stayed until like noon then it was scorching hot so we headed inside! Which is so weird because I had really gnarly sun poisoning. Frankly I don’t understand why or how! I wore sunscreen and we weren’t in the sun that long. I think I’m just sensitive to sun exposure. So I got red splotches on my legs, like raised hives on my thighs and arms then got like blistery pimple things on my neck and face! Sexy right!? So needless to say I didn’t feel like getting dressed up this night so we just hit the buffet!

Another night at sea and my sun poisoning was fading and it was the last dressy night so we got dressed up! Which also meant he was proposing lol!

So after we eat we had a tradition to get our picture taken in the stairwell so we did and had Maria take our pic every night then he drops to one knee and says this beautiful speech and asks me to marry him! Maria just kept snapping pictures and I’m so happy she did we have like every single second! Totally priceless!

Last day on the boat was Grand Turk and the best port of the entire trip! It was just beautiful!

For our excursion we did the atv beach island tour or something and it was great! I like a nerd read all the reviews and of all the tours this one had the best reviews. So we get there and there’s four couples including us and we are the youngest ones. So the guy comes over and says who ever drives cannot have flip flops meaning us! We were the only ones in flip flops. So I decided I wanted to drive (I know I’m a total alpha-male) so I ran into Ron Jon and bought some super sexy water shoes! Then we were off.

Driving the ATV was amazing! On the way back to the beach you had to drive down this cliff omg it was amazing! Keep in mind I am the only female driving one of these things the other ladies let their man drive. Then I was saying how cool driving down that cliff was and one lady was like I couldn’t have done that! And I was like that was the best part!

Needless to say another successful trip! Our next one won’t be until our Honeymoon! Skiing in Lake Tahoe!

More outfit pics

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