Am I Basic?

Am I Basic?


I’m totally stealing a quote from my new favorite TV show Younger I mean you’ve got Patricia Field as the costume designer so you had me at that!! Read here where I breathed the same air as Patricia Field in NYC.  But seriously the show is really great! I thankfully was too old for the Lizzie Maguire show but I love Hillary Duff. I can admit I love her song from back in the day So Yesterday too! But she’s great in this show the whole cast is actually and that Nico Tortorella is some mighty fine eye candy too! And if the younger guy is not your thing Peter Hermann is pretty easy on the eyes as well. Anyways so this character I forget her name was a lesbian and now was attracted to this straight, hetero, Jewish, doctor so she asks OMG, am I basic! And that stuck in my head when wearing this outfit and here’s why.

Ladies Who Brunch

I went to brunch at this cute little place by my house with a girlfriend and the restaurant wasn’t that busy and two other ladies had on off-the-shoulder tops, too! WTF?! I know I know. It was SUPER on trend this Summer I mean you could not escape it but I was surprised that in this small not too busy restaurant that two other ladies had the same style of top. It was not my exact top but damn it might as well been. That was totally how it felt. I mean I’m used to not having the same thing on as anyone else ever so this was weird for me! I mean talk about basic! I just needed a Starbucks cup in my hand, some Tory Burch flats and some Kendra Scott accessories! Wow, I’m throwing some major shade! I probably just offended like every fashion blogger out there.

It’s Getting Shady

Ok, Yes, I am throwing major shade at the “normal” bloggers! Because they get all the credit and respect! And people like me the people with real style get over looked or passed over because we are not mainstream. We are edgy and have real style and that’s not appealing to the mass market. Ok here’s some background on my tirade! I’ve applied twice to Redbook’s Real Women With Style contest and didn’t get a response. And that’s fine because I’m sure hundreds of ladies submitted photos. But one semifinalist has real style and is edgy. I was shocked she was one of the semifinalist because until I saw her the rest of the semifinalist were normal. I mean normal in appearance like mall rats. Yes, they look great but I mean how much talent is needed to buy beautiful clothes from great stores. But this one lady had real style. She was funky and had amazing style. She shops at mall stores but the way she mixed it together totally sets her apart! Seeing her made me rethink the contest and maybe Redbook wasn’t so bad. She was not selected as a winner and I’m sad about that. So that has fueled this rant. And also thinking back I was selected one of many for Marie Claire for the Tampa area and I was not selected. I shook it off because there were like 40 of us selected and they only choose like eight so I chalked it up to bad luck. But the more I think about it I’m too edgy so therefore not mass marketable.

Gaining Followers

So yes, I’m throwing shade. Because thrifter bloggers get totally shafted. We can’t participate in LikedtoKnowit because we can’t link our clothes they are one of a kind. We will never have thousands of Instagram followers because not everyone will get our style and what we are trying to do. It’s a shame really! So we will never have that mass market appeal that other more normal bloggers have. Therefore we will never get the credit or recognition we deserve!

Fellow not normal bloggers what are your thoughts I’d love to hear them! I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this.

Top: JCPenney    Jeans: JCPenney   Bag: Michael Kors    Pumps: Aldo

Sunglasses: Hot Topic

Photo: Alex Murg

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Estrella Fashion Report
August 28, 2017 Reply

I love your style ! Never change. I'm very basic lol. One thing that you can do is post items that are similar to your look for your followers to shop from. I do it all of the time and it helps my followers and to monetize my blog at the same time. I will love to help you! Feel free to reach out anytime.
Hugs !


    September 4, 2017 Reply

    Yeah monetizing my blog is something I have thought of but frankly am overwhelmed with the thought of it.I'd love some input on it! We should grab coffee or lunch sometime!

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