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I know WTF is kind of abrupt but what else do you call this outfit. I mean there’s leopard, Asian, floral and gold. When I was pulling outfits for this photo shoot with Coffee House Studios I wanted to pull outfits that were even to crazy for me wear to work normally and this definitely takes the cake.  I had issues with the belt then while digging through my belt bin I found this and was like why the hell not it’s got green in it.  Then I was looking for a bag and when I stumbled upon this one I was like yes of course!  It’s just crazy enough to work!  It was hilarious Linda the photographer was like how do you come up with this stuff? I wasn’t sure how to respond it just comes to me!

I was actually stumped at how to wear this coat for years! I think I just rocked it with jean, ugh so boring! Then I saw a fellow blogger who wore this coat with a random pair of harem pants and a crop top and it got me thinking. Granted she did it more with a black and white and while I tried to come up with an outfit similar to hers I liked the pairing of the leopard!

See how I styled these pant previously here.

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Jacket: Fumbling Foe    Top: Forever 21+    Pants: Forever 21+    Pumps: Michael Kors

Bag: From Covent Garden in London   Belt: The Limited    Sunglasses: Aldo

Necklace: Express

Photo Credit: Coffee House Studios


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