Wear Now

Wear Now

When I saw this outfit in People’s Style Watch and I had to have it!  It’s no secret I love a matching two piece set or suit! Especially if they are printed it’s even better!  I know this is supposed to be a fashion blog, but I want to share the story of this hair do. I was hoping to try and do something wild and cool, but it didn’t work out.  Naturally, I did not get up early to experiment so now I’m running late and cursing up a storm in the bathroom!  This Miley-inspired comb over was my only option!

2014-06-11 07.39.33

2014-06-11 07.39.35

2014-06-11 07.39.50

2014-06-11 07.39.57

2014-06-11 07.40.11

2014-06-11 07.40.39

2014-06-11 07.41.04

2014-06-11 07.41.53

2014-06-11 07.41.30

2014-06-11 07.41.21

2014-06-11 07.41.11

Suit: JCPenney    Tee: JCPenney    Pumps: Aldo   Bag: Thrifted

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