Secretary Style

Secretary Style

I know I say this all the time,  but I love this outfit!  It’s definitely a go to!  I know neutrals are typically not my thing, but this outfit is so pretty.  When I saw this dress at Goodwill last year I knew I had to have it and I was surprised it fit me (I know now it doesn’t, but I am having it altered).

If you follow my blog you know I love my old lady dresses!  I like to add a modern twist so I do not look like an old lady! No offense old ladies!

2014-06-19 07.42.17

2014-06-19 07.42.29

2014-06-19 07.42.41

2014-06-19 07.43.16

2014-06-19 07.43.17

2014-06-19 07.43.19

2014-06-19 07.43.22

2014-06-19 07.43.50

2014-06-19 07.43.35

Dress: Goodwill    Necklaces: Forever 21     Pumps: Aldo     Bag: Thrifted

Sunglasses: Forever 21

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