Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black

It’s funny I tend to gravitate towards things my mother used to wear 20 years ago. My mom came to visit and I showed my mom this outfit and asked her how many of these outfits did she own and what colors?  I was nervous about the orange color. I do not typically wear orange, especially head to toe.  Then I saw in an advertisement when the model was wearing orange with a pink lip and I was inspired.

Accented this outfit with small gold earrings and my name plate necklace.

2014-06-16 18.25.31

2014-06-16 18.25.53

2014-06-16 18.26.36

2014-06-16 18.26.42

2014-06-16 18.26.43

2014-06-16 18.26.50

2014-06-16 18.26.53

2014-06-16 18.27.29

2014-06-16 18.27.06

Top and Bottom: Thrifted     Bag: From London maybe Covent Garden

Shoes: Steve Madden          Sunglasses: Forever 21


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